Disney Magic – Day 4

Monday, January 30, 2012

We started today, our second sea day,  by having brunch in Lumiere’s.   CSP started out with crab cocktail.  I don’t know how he can eat fish first thing in the morning!  He also had lox and bagels.  Then for his entree chose  sole with crawfish, scallops, and brown butter sauce.  I had eggs benedict with fruit.

After brunch we went to Rockin Bar D to play bingo.  It was fun but we didn’t win.   We went out for a walk around the ship then back to our cabin for a nap.  About the naps…We have a schedule on cruises.  We stay up late, get up early for breakfast, run around during the day, then take a nap during the hottest part of the day so we can do it all again!

Today we  had reservations for Palo for High Tea!   I was so excited!  I LOVE hot tea and all the traditions surrounding high tea.  CSP isn’t a tea boy so he got coffee.  But that’s ok.  He still enjoyed the rest of it.  Again we had a great view of the sea.   I went with our server Maria’s recommendation and chose the Chai Tea.    I love Chai and this was excellent.  First came the finger sandwiches.   There were 4 kinds.  The dark sandwich is pumpernickel bread with salmon and a dill spread.  Then to the left of that one is a cucumber sandwich.  That one didn’t taste like anything.  Seriously, didn’t taste like anything at all.  Then we had a baby shrimp sandwich.  And finally on wheat bread is a chicken curry.  Yummy.  Oh, and the salmon on pump?  Fabulous!

The next part of high tea was the best part.  The scones.    Sure, it looks unassuming, but OMG it was the best scone I’ve ever had.  They served it with Devonshire cream and strawberry preserves.  The cream was to die for.  If the entire tea was just a basket of scones with cream and jam I would have been very, very, happy.

Next up was dessert.    Fruit tarts, ginger cakes, and little coffee eclairs.  Then there was more!   Apparently the tarts and cakes weren’t dessert!  So they gave us a strawberry custard trifle.  Look on top and next to that chocolate square is a blueberry that is cut in half.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to cut a tiny little blueberry in half on a rolling ship?   We were very impressed.   As we were leaving Maria gave us a plate with tin foil on it.  We peeked inside and it was a plate full of fruit tarts!  So sweet!

CSP ran back to the room with the tart plate and we went to the future cruise booking desk.  While we waited we were able to get some good shots of the empty lobby.  I love how Disney decorated the ships in such a timeless Art Deco theme.  Never feels dated, just feels classic.     When it was our turn we booked our next cruise.  Next year we’re cruising on the Disney Dream!  So excited!

Then we went to the shops onboard and bought our souvenirs- a magnet and a Christmas ornament.  Afterwards we went back to our room to get ready for the show and dinner.  The show tonight was called “Villains Tonight!“.   It was really funny.  The shows onboard are amazing.  They do so much with pyrotechnics and elevators, you forget you’re on a ship!

After the show we went to Diversions for cocktails to wait for dinner.  CSP got the refillable beer mug at the start of the cruise so he got a beer.  I snuck some whipped cream vodka in my water bottle and added it to a ginger ale.  Diversions has a bunch of board games for people to play.  Pro tip:  playing Jenga on a ship that’s rocking and rolling is an exercise in futility.

Dinner tonight was at Lumiere’s.  CSP tried escargot for the first time and……loved it!  My appetizer was Lisa’s favorite… cold naked shrimp!  CSP’s entree was sea bass while I had the beef tenderloin.  For dessert I chose the creme brulee and CSP enjoyed the trio- chocolate mousse, creme brulee,  & a praline.   Dinner itself was wonderful but the atmosphere was horrible.  We had the late seating for dinner- 8:15pm.  Dinner often ran until past 10pm.  The problem tonight was screaming babies.  I felt sorry for the family who kept taking the child out of the dining room when he would cry.  But the other table near us?  The table where the parents clearly had given up and didn’t even acknowledge their screaming child?  We did NOT feel sorry for them.

After dinner we went up on deck and watched some of the movie Hercules on the big screen- Funnel Vision.  Once that was over we went back to the room, greeted our towel animal  and watched Puss in Boots.  Then, finally, it was time for bed!

Day trippin’

Today I drove down to Columbia with Papa & Gigi to see Momo.  We toured her apartment, went to lunch, then saw I am Number Four.  During the movie Papa complained to Gigi that “Shanny’s really beating me up over here.”  Gigi said “That’s why I didn’t want to sit next to her!”  There were some scary parts!  I get jumpy! It was a good movie in a beautiful new (to me) theatre.  After we had bubble tea.  Papa’s first time- that was fun to watch!  The Bubble Tea Cafe has popping pearls!  I’d never had those before.  They were so cool- they’d pop open in your mouth and would be full of flavored liquid.

Momo’s balcony overlooks the pool.  Her apartment is WAY too nice for college kids, but that’s all that lives there!  What happened to living in a dump during college?  Sitting on a sofa you bought at a yard sale with books under one leg to keep you from tipping over?  They have hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, beautiful cabinets, and just look at this pool!   It was a warm day today so all the kids were out at the pool.  There was volleyball, corn hole, football throwing, more beer cans overflowing trash cans and littering the ground than you’d see at an outdoor concert.  There had to be 150 kids out there.  It was like a scene from MTV Spring Break.  Amazing.  How do they study??  Anyway, we had a great day then hit the road for the ride home.

On the highway on the way home we spotted:

  • a brown duck walking along the shoulder, no water in sight.
  • A bunch of what looked like fog.  We got closer and it was smoke because the median was ON FIRE.  No one around.  So weird!
  • Gigi noticed a mini van with its interior light on.  We got closer and realized the driver was READING A BOOK.  Not a map, not a piece of paper with directions.  A book.  Like a big, hard cover novel.  INSANE.


Ni hao, y’all!

I went to the coolest place today.  This new store opened up in our area and I’ve been wanting to check it out.  It’s called Grand Asia Market. I Googled it and they have one in the Raleigh area.  I checked out their site and all the reviews on Yelp.  Turns out they have a restaurant and bakery inside the store. So cool!  They have SO many cool things. A huge area filled with health and beauty aids.  So many things written in Chinese and Japanese with no English translations.  You know the Japanese make everything cuter so even hand cream and lip balm come in way cute containers.  A couple big aisles of housewares. HUGE produce section, more noodles than you’ve ever seen in your life.  A giant meat and seafood area with live tilapia.  I’d never seen a live tilapia until today.  I don’t know if I could pick one out to kill for dinner, but hey, it’s fresh!  They were getting ready for Chinese New Year today.  I bought 100 Jasmine tea bags for less than 16 cost at the regular American store!  I also picked up some Thai tea packets.  They carry all sorts of Asian things, obviously, but they also cary the Asian version of American products which is cool to see.  Oh, and lots of European brands too.  The staff was very friendly and all Asian which I think is a great sign.  I spotted tons of Asian people shopping and eating there too.  Another good sign.  You know a place is good if their clientele matches their native cuisine.  I don’t go to Mexican restaurants unless I see Mexican people eating there.  I like authenticity! Next time I go I’ll try out the cafe.  I hear it’s a real hot spot at lunch.  I threw out my tiny bit of Mandarin, courtesy of Pimsleur’s Quick and Easy Mandarin audiobook!, and I scored a free coin purse at check out.  On the way out I bought a lychee bubble tea So yum!