Disney Fantasy Bermuda Day 3

Today was our first sea day as we travel to Bermuda! We woke up and had breakfast at Royal Court.

I’m really impressed with DCL’s vegan and vegetarian options! My sister Sara is vegan and Morgan is vegetarian so I always look for options for them when I eat out. After breakfast we went back to the room to get ready for the day.

Then we lined up to meet Stitch! He’s my favorite Disney character ever!

Just look at this gorgeous chandelier! I love the grand atrium on the Fantasy! So beautiful and elegant and so many hidden Mickeys!

Cute wee coffee bar on deck 4 near where you meet the characters!

After meeting Stitch we went to the Quiet Cove Cafe (adults only coffee bar on deck 11) for a while- great people watching! Then we had a light lunch from Fillmore’s Favorites on deck 11 and refilled our cups at the beverage station. I don’t drink sodas but DCL offers Vitamin Water in a blueberry acai pomegranate variety. It’s so good!

Next we went to meet Donald Duck- one of my MIL’s faves.

Minnie in all her glam is the statue in the grand atrium of the Disney Fantasy
Midship elevator bank

Then it was time for MIL to meet Goofy- her other favorite!

Goofy was all dressed up in his tuxedo for Formal Night and danced with MIL! It was so cute!!!

It was then time to go get dressed for Formal Night and our show!

Tonight’s show was Aladdin! It’s so amazing to me how they can produce these amazing live Broadway style shows ON A SHIP!!! The talent is awe inspiring. Truly.

After Aladdin we got in line to meet Chip and Dale. While in line on deck 4, we heard a commotion down at the grand staircase on deck 3 so we looked over the railing and witnessed a marriage proposal!!! How magical!!! And wooo! How will he ever top that??? The entire atrium erupted in applause and wooots! It was beautiful- I teared up!

Chip and Dale are too cute!!! Especially in their wee tuxedos!

We then had about a half hour until dinner so we went for drinks at the Ooh La La Parisian style bar. It’s so pretty in there!

It was a very sedate crowd! LOL

Ooh La La serves macarons (NOT MACAROONS) with their drinks. Can you spot the hidden Mickeys on the menu?

I had a pineapple julep, which was interesting and tasty!

Dinner tonight was at the Enchanted Garden- a beautiful restaurant on deck 2.

Lobster ravioli for my appetizer
CSP had a beautiful tuna carpaccio for his appetizer

My entree (missing one scallop because they WERE SO GOOD!!!)- perfectly cooked.

My pecan tart dessert
CSP’s sundae
Bunny rabbit towel animal

After dinner we went back to the room to go to bed. Such a fun day! Tomorrow is our 2nd sea day!


Disney Wonder Southern Caribbean 2020 Day 7


We woke up and had breakfast at Triton’s. Nice and quiet this morning! My toe was still bleeding a little and all bandaged up. And hurting. Same with my left leg. Wait until you see the bruise! We had plans today to do Resort for a Day in Curacao. But with my foot all bandaged up I can’t go in the pool. Whomp whomp. So we decided to stay on the ship today.

After a nap and getting ready for the day we went back to Triton’s for lunch.

Hidden Mickey in the stained glass at Tritons.

We then went up to deck 10 to take some pictures of Curacao.

We decided when we come back we’ll rent a car like we did in Bonaire to tour Curacao. Such a pretty island!

We hung out around the ship taking pictures

and reading and people watching until it was time to get in line to see Pirate Stitch. Stitch is my favorite character and we’ve never met Pirate Stitch in person.

The line for Stitch stretched all the way around Tritons and down the hall!

He’s a popular alien. He was super cute the way he interacted with us. He made a big deal about how tall CSP is (6 feet 4 inches) and Stitch is MAYBE 5 feet tall. And he gushed over my Stitch lanyard and Stitch pins. SO sweet! Turned us into little kids again!!!

After seeing Stitch we went down to the Crown and Fin pub for Disney trivia.

Man! That was HARD!!! Who knows this stuff?? Some questions were: Where were Walt and Lillian Disney married? Who composed the music for some ride at Disney in Asia? What year did cast members start wearing name tags? WHO KNOWS??? Answers: Idaho, Danny Elfman, and 1970 something. Out of 25 questions I got 7 right! FOR SHAME!!!! I drowned my sorrows in 2 coconut mojitos. Yum!

We then went up to the pool so CSP could swim. I read my book and sipped on a frozen mango margarita. The lady next to me had never had one so she ordered one too. I saw her on the way to the airport to go home and she told me she had like 5 more during the cruise! I’m good for business Disney! Give me some discounts!

Ok so 3 mixed drinks in less than 2 hours made me a wee bit drunk. Just a lil bit. But enough that CSP gave me grief for it! Ha!

CSP bandaging up my toe before dinner.

Dinner tonight was at Palo,

the adults only Italian restaurant onboard. It’s Pirate Night at all the other restaurants.

We’ve done Pirate Night and the menu isn’t our favorite so we always go to Palo on Pirate Night.

Nisha was our server tonight. So cute! She’s from Thailand. Dinner lasted from 8:30 to 11:00pm!!! Crazy!

Dinner starts with an amuse bouche.

CSP chose the cippino (a seafood stew),

antipasta (where they bring the cart around. It’s no longer automatic, you have to order it),

The bread service

and Dover Sole for his dinner.

Nisha filleting the Dover Sole
Sorry for the blur!

I had the calamari (which came with this HUGE shrimp),

the caprese salad,

Sooo yummy!!!

and scallops on artichoke risotto. We both got the Amaretto souffle for dessert and

Nisha also brought us a limoncello tart.

I had some hot tea with dessert.

Everything was amazing! We were there so late we didn’t get to go up on deck to see the fireworks, but we could see most of them through the window.

After dinner we waddled back to our room and hit the hay!

Saw this cool door with lights on the way back to our room.
Not sure what this guy is