40th Birthday Mountain Extravaganza Day 2

Friday morning Brotha Marc made us all breakfast.  Then we got dressed and ready to head into town.  That’s when I noticed Sara had snuck out and decorated my car!  Click to enlarge pics.IMG_4103 IMG_4100 IMG_4099 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4104 She even drew CSP on his window with his goatee and baseball cap!  So fun!

We went into town to Walmart, Staples, the pet store, Harris Teeter, then picked up lunch at the Come Back Shack.  Best name for a burger joint ever!   We went home and had our lunch then it was nap time!  After our naps we hung out on the porch reading & knitting and watching Brotha Marc sell funnel cakes to tourists. IMG_4093The boys had a good time shooting beer cans with their BB guns.  I tried a couple shots but all I could hit was the tree!

IMG_4094For dinner Marc cheffed up yummy stir fry.  Then we played Phase 10 until even the pugs were conking out.  We were trying to wait up for Papa & Gigi & Momo to arrive but we were all too tired to stay up any longer.   We were in bed by 10:45.  Having mountain fun wears you out!




Organizing my life with style, baby.

I put up my Thirty-One Hang Up Home Organizer the other day.  I LOVE it!  I found some cool purple Command Hooks and hung it on the side of my fridge.  Now the front of my fridge, which is what faces the rest of the house, can now be clean of clutter.  I found a calendar at Staples (it is a little long but I needed big squares).  There’s a section for CSP’s work schedule, pockets for stamps, business cards, bills, etc.  All the plastic sections are dry erase markable which makes things easier to organize.  And there’s still room on the side of the fridge for CSP’s bottle opener.  All is right with the world.  If you want to be organized and stylish too, just let me know!