Adoption Update- Halloween 2012

  • Final Adoption Class- Scheduled for November 5.  It’s Med Admin.  Because we will technically be fostering our kids for the 6 months or so that they live with us prior to their adoptions being final we are required to take this class.  It’s the most tedious thing but I understand why they teach it.  Basically if you have to give a Tylenol to a foster kid you need to put on some gloves and follow protocol including documenting the pill in a binder.  Every. Time.
  • Final batch of paperwork- signed, dated, and in an envelope addressed to our social worker, ready to be mailed tomorrow.
  • What’s next??  Once our SW gets our paperwork and we’ve attended the last class then she will give us the go ahead to start picking out some kidlets!   I don’t expect to be matched right away, I’m being realistic.  But I see a really fun Summer 2013 in our future!!!  I’m hoping by then we’ll have been matched, approved, and have completed our pre-placement visits…that means we’ll need to hit up IKEA for some kid beds!

Adoption Limbo

I get the occasional email and Facebook message from people wondering how the adoption is going.  Well, up til about a month ago it was going pretty well.  Our social worker came to visit and do our individual interviews last month and it went great.  But we have had some more speed bumps.  We are still working on the next steps I blogged about, but in the mean time we are dealing with some issues.   Long story so get comfy.  Continue reading

Next steps

A stored-pressure fire extinguisher

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People have been asking what are our next steps in our adoption.

  • More social worker visits
  • Fire department inspection of the house
  • Couple of things we have to do to the house before the fire department can come out.  Like buy and hang HUGE fire extinguisher.
  • CPR class at the end of March
  • MOUNTAIN of paperwork.  I didn’t think we could possibly have more paperwork than we’ve already completed but no.  There’s more.  So, so much more.
  • Fingerprinting
  • Background checks
  • Wait

The waiting will be the hardest.  Our social worker told us that we can go ahead and start looking at the children that are available for adoption.  There are online photo listings.  You can look too.

Here.  Here.  And here.   Warning: this will break your heart.  It makes you wish you could adopt them all.  But hey, who knows, maybe one of you will see a child that will touch your heart and you’ll be on your way to adopting too!