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Getting Old is Costing Me Money

My friend Christina has good skin.  It’s really pretty.  Then a little while ago she bought a Clarisonic Mia 2 and now her skin positively GLOWS.   Glows like it looks like she has on makeup when she doesn’t glows.  I need to get in on that action.  I’ve been blessed with a nice complexion but as I’ve, ahem, aged, I’ve noticed larger pores and rougher skin and other problems I won’t bore you with.  I’d been using a handheld face cleansing brush with super soft bristles but it just wasn’t enough.  So when we got our tax refund I took the plunge and made the purchase.  Clarisonic cleansing systems are pretty much price locked everywhere and you can’t use coupons for them so I had to get creative to save a little money on my purchase.  It pains me to buy anything at the full retail price!  I found the Mia 2 model color that I wanted at Ulta.  I normally shop at Sephora online but they didn’t have the Passion Fruit color. mia2_passionfruit_set_400x234_01142013 First I logged into Ebates. com then clicked on Ulta’s link from there.  Now I’ll get $11.92 back from Ebates!  Sweet!  Ulta sent my Mia 2 really quickly and I was so excited to unpack it.  I charged it up for the recommended 24 hours then I used it for the first time.  The cleanser that comes with it really wakes up your skin!  Since I’ve received the Mia 2 I’ve used it a few times and my skin is so smooth!  I expect it will take a little while before I notice marked improvement with my pores and breakouts but so far I’m loving this!  Fresh & dewy here I come!


Help me help you

Those of you who shop online like me, you NEED to sign up with this site.  Those of you who don’t shop online much, you may change your mind!  You will thank me I promise.  It’s called Ebates and I’ve been using them since 2008.  Here’s the skinny.  You log in to Ebates.  You search for the store where you want to shop or the product you’re looking for.  Ebates shows you a bunch of coupons you can use at said store.  You click on the link for the store/coupon and that’s it.  Then once a quarter you’ll get a big, fat check in the mail or a deposit into your Paypal account.  A friend of mine just told me where she gets her ink cartridges pays 16% back!  You can bookmark your favorite stores on Ebates to make shopping even easier.  The Disney store pays 5%.  Sephora pays 8%. pays 10%!  Even eBay is on Ebates!  Target and Walmart are on there too!  We have most of these stores in our area but when it came time to do our Christmas shopping it made more sense to go through Ebates and shop online.  Like the soccer goal we bought our nephews.  Got it online from Walmart.  Started at Ebates.  Got free shipping and 2% back.  Would have cost more money to drive the 3 miles to the store!

They pay you to refer people to Ebates too!  For everyone you refer you’ll get $5.  So sign up and help me out and it will help you out too!