Ladies’ Cruise- Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas. Day 2

Embarkation Day!  Because I’m a Gold member of Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Club we were able to get priority check in.  YAY.  Trust me, you don’t want to be in line with the masses of people if you can help it.  And get to the port early.  You may have to wait a bit in the terminal before boarding but that’s better than waiting in line when it gets busy after noon.

We woke up early and went downstairs to the free breakfast at the Residence Inn.   It was good and had a nice selection.  After breakfast we all showered for the last time that week in a standard size shower.  We packed the car and hopped in then went on a quest for a Publix grocery store for some last minute items.  After Publix it was a quick drive to the port. We parked and gave our suitcases to the porters. We had to carry our tote bags on ourselves as we had wine in them.  Royal Caribbean allows each guest 2 bottles of wine each.  That wine (my favorite Moscato) Unknown-5plus my CPAP machine made my Thirty One Easy Breezy ToteUnknown-6 super heavy (but I knew that bag could handle it!).

We went through security then up the escalators to check in.  We checked in and got our Sea Pass cards. IMG_4721 This card acts as your room key, charge card, and ID while on the ship.  We were told to take a seat and then just a few minutes later it was time to board!  We weren’t able to board until 11am but we went ahead and arrived at the port before 11 to get parked and checked in.  So we were one of the first to board.  While we were in line we actually met 2 couples from Charlotte.

We went up to the pool deck and to Windjammers, the buffet restaurant for lunch.  We secured a table and wouldn’t you know it, right outside our window was the Disney Magic ship! IMG_4651  I’ll hopefully see you next year Magic!

While we were having lunch IMG_4652 and waiting to get in to our staterooms, Sara called home to talk to my nephews.  Joey is turning 9 on January 18 and he was worried about how long Sara would be gone.  He asked her “Will you be at my party?”  It was so cute!  Especially because Sara’s the one throwing the party!  

At 1:30 our rooms were ready (deck 7, #7126 & 7128 connecting) so we went to drop off our tote bags (and wine).  We put the wine in the fridge and freshened up a bit. We met our next door neighbors (Kristen and John from Nashville.  Shout out! Holla!)  Sara and Morgan were in one room and I bunked with Gigi.  Our connecting door was locked though so we called our cabin steward to unlock it.  We left the door open the rest of the trip so it felt like one big room.  This is the view of our room from my bed. On the left is the bathroom (behind the mirror).  Across from the bathroom is the closet.  That skinny door opens to a bunch of shelves.  There are 3 drawers in the closet.IMG_4655 This picture is of the rest of the room. To my left is the connecting door to the other cabin.  There are 3 drawers on each side of the chair at the vanity.  The sofa pulls out to a bed.  Normally there is a queen size bed instead of the 2 twins.  Beyond the coffee table is the balcony. IMG_4659 Sara and Momo would call to us from their balcony before the connecting door was open.IMG_4660

Next thing we knew it was time for the muster drill (my least favorite part of every cruise).  If you haven’t cruised before this is the very crowded, mandatoryIMG_4658 safety drill you must go through before the ship can leave port.  They sound the horn (SO LOUD OMG!) and you have to line up all pressed against strangers (good people watching though).  Then a ship representative shows you how to put on your life jacket.  Back in the day they would make you wear your life jacket to this but THANK THE GOOD LORD we don’t have to wear the jackets anymore.

After the drill I had to go by guest services to pick up an extension cord for my CPAP machine.  There were no outlets next to the bed in my cabin for some reason.  They charged me a $25 deposit and gave me a giant, green cord that got quite a few looks on my way back to the cabin.  By the time we got back to the cabin our A/C was working (AGAIN, THANK THE GOOD LORD).  We took a wee nap then unpacked and got dressed for dinner.

We had some time to kill before dinner (not many activities on embarkation day) so we went to the Schooner Bar and had a drink. IMG_4661  This is a Ketel One Cooler.  SO yum.  I must say, they had quite a few tasty cocktails to choose from, which is a good thing because all I know is I like fun and fruity.  We sat for a while next to the big centrum which was all lit up for the evening. IMG_4662 Deck 4 in the centrum is where all the activities were held (little game shows, demonstrations, etc.).

Dinner was in the My Fair Lady dining room.  Our waiter was Jon from India and our assistant waiter was Ferdi from Indonesia.  I didn’t write down what everyone ate and I didn’t take pictures of everyone’s meals.  That’s too much documentation.  But I did note what I ate.  I started with the watermelon and raspberry chilled soup.  Don’t be afraid of chilled soups.  They are basically smoothies.  Then I had the shrimp cocktail.  3 shrimp with some sauce.  My main course was the Mojo marinated pork chop with veggies.IMG_4663  Very good.  For dessert I had my favorite- creme brûlée. IMG_4664  SO yum! It was a banana creme brûlée with a piece of biscotti.  I also had hot tea each night after dinner.  Sara would get the cafe mocha.  She loved it.

Note- Sara is a gluten free vegan.  She was able to eat heartily throughout the entire cruise.  Each night she would go over the menu with the waiter and they would figure something out for her.  So if you have dietary restraints, don’t worry.  The kitchen/restaurant staff will work with you.

After dinner we went straight to bed!  We were tuckered out!  Next up…Coco Cay Day!


40th Birthday Mountain Extravaganza Day 2

Friday morning Brotha Marc made us all breakfast.  Then we got dressed and ready to head into town.  That’s when I noticed Sara had snuck out and decorated my car!  Click to enlarge pics.IMG_4103 IMG_4100 IMG_4099 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4104 She even drew CSP on his window with his goatee and baseball cap!  So fun!

We went into town to Walmart, Staples, the pet store, Harris Teeter, then picked up lunch at the Come Back Shack.  Best name for a burger joint ever!   We went home and had our lunch then it was nap time!  After our naps we hung out on the porch reading & knitting and watching Brotha Marc sell funnel cakes to tourists. IMG_4093The boys had a good time shooting beer cans with their BB guns.  I tried a couple shots but all I could hit was the tree!

IMG_4094For dinner Marc cheffed up yummy stir fry.  Then we played Phase 10 until even the pugs were conking out.  We were trying to wait up for Papa & Gigi & Momo to arrive but we were all too tired to stay up any longer.   We were in bed by 10:45.  Having mountain fun wears you out!



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Full color creepy

I face paint at festivals and parties on occasion.  Sometimes I need an assistant.  So the other day (could have been a couple weeks ago by now) I was over at my sister Sara’s house.  She volunteered to help me face paint at an upcoming event but she wanted to practice first.  Luckily she has 2 children we can paint.   Someone had a fabulous idea of painting eyes on Jacob’s eyelids.  Then we did the same thing to Gigi.  It was incredibly creepy!!  Like they were watching us with their technicolor eyes!

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New Sara update…sort of

The official note she sent to the fam & friends: I went to see the hematologist again today and he says we are now in stage 2 of the process, which is the figuring out exactly what it is stage, because there is not much more improvement and he can only keep me on steroids for so long. That being said, I am better now than I was when I first started seeing him months ago. The steroids did help a quite a bit. He did say that he’s pretty certain that it is not lymphoma, which is really good. It actually might be a defect that I was born with. I will go to Presbyterian Hospital on Thursday morning to get some tests done and depending on those results I may be going up to Chapel Hill for a day of tests. Fun. lol! But whatever it takes is fine. I’m tough. 🙂 And then we’ll have an answer and be able to move on!
I’ll let you know more when I do. Thank you again for thinking of me. 🙂


Now, if it is a congenital thing then Jake & Joey may need to be tested.  Same for me and my mom even.  This is so frustrating.  I wish they would just fix her.

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Sara update

From Sara:
I had labs today but did not see the dr so this is only a partial update. My levels have gone down and my riticula (sp?) count is still high (meaning my red bloods cells are still being destroyed and the prednisone treatment didn’t work again). SO, I’m not sure where we go from here. I will let you know more next Tuesday which is when I go to see the dr again. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. And don’t worry, we’ll figure this thing out. I have the best dr I could ask for, so it’s only a matter of time. 🙂

From me:
Please continue to pray that this is fixable.

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Viva la Excema!

So at Joey’s party, the funniest exchange happened  just as we were leaving.  Ok, first you need a little background.  Momo is dating a waiter from one of the local Mexican restaurants.  It’s all because of me by the way.  One day at the end of November, beginning of December, Gigi, Momo & I were all out at the nursing home then afterwards we decided to get something to eat.  So I voted Mexican.  They fought me and fought me but I won.  Papa joined us at the restaurant.  Throughout our meal every waiter in the joint peered in our dining area to get a look at Momo.  Then the bill came and our waiter said that Momo’s dinner was paid for.  We asked by who and they said Oscar.  So Momo said thank you and introduced herself and we left.  A couple weeks later Momo and I went to dinner there.  I made sure to spend a long time in the restroom after dinner so Momo would have to loiter in the lobby, giving her time to talk to Oscar.  Next thing you know, they are dating.  He was born in Mexico and speaks Spanish in that fabulous accent that makes all the girls swoon.

When Momo brings boyfriends around we all seem to turn into cougars in the den.  Her boys are getting older so it’s not as creepy as it would have been when she was in high school! 😀  Well Oscar came to Joey’s party.  When we were all leaving, Oscar said to Sara thank you for inviting me, etc etc.  About the same time I was telling her that she didn’t look so yellow that day (her disease makes her jaundiced).  We were talking about that and how was she feeling while Morgan explained to Oscar that Sara is sick and has a big spleen.  So he said goodbye to her with a nice hand shake.

Then it was my turn.  Oscar gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.  I leaned back and told Sara about my hug and peck from the yummy smelling Mexican chico and pointed out that she just got a handshake because of her big spleen.  So Sara yelled out to Oscar:  Well… she’s got excema! I wonder if we’ll ever see that young man again.