CSP’s Fame Knows No Bounds

I was checking my email when I noticed a couple of familiar faces looking at me from my Cute Overload email.

Cute Overload logo
Cute Overload logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was CSP & Zoe! Apparently someone took our America’s Funniest Video submission and edited it down to a GIF.  It was even chosen for GIF of the week.  CSP keeps saying “I can’t believe I’m GIFT of the week!”

Check it out!  (you may have to click on it to get it to animate)6boi9usYou know, eventually all this fame will go to CSP’s head.  Zoe’s keeping it real though, she’s gangsta like that.


Pug fix

I’ve been a terrible pug bloggy mom lately.  All of my girls have had birthdays in the last 2 months.  I told you about Kiki turning 8 on December 11.  On December 24th Zoe turned 4 and on January 18th  Molly turned 6.  So in honor of my puggies here are some recent pics of them.   That’s Miss Molly watching over Zoe who’s trying out a new pug bed.   Here’s Kiki asleep with her new angel toy in her new pug bed.   And finally here’s Molly at the vet the other day, just before they pulled out the Qtip cotton bud I lost in her ear. 

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3 times the pug

Every Spring we take the pugs for their annual vet visit.  We’ve been going to our vet for over 12 years now!  We LOVE our vet people.  They love our pugs and really care about them.  Even still, Kiki gets nervous. Here she is hiding behind CSP’s legs: Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  Poor thing, she looks so miserable. Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  But they take such good care of her and Kiki got a clean bill of health (besides her allergies)!  Although now that she’s 7 she has to go twice a year.  Being a senior citizen is tough!
Then it was Molly’s turn. I love her bug eyes in this pic! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011 She relaxed really quickly though! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011  She’s so happy to get all that attention from her favorite vet ladies!  Molly’s in perfect health as well.  Zoe was up next. Can you tell she’s comfortable?? Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011 Just chillin like a villain!  Zoe is turning into a little woman, but she’s still got TONS of puppy in her!  While we were waiting to pay I loved the image of my giant husband sitting with 3 tiny pugs at the vet! Annual Pug Vet Visit 2011

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Zoe- pug supa star!

Momo & I took Zoe to the nursing home to visit Gmommy.  Zoe ran up to the door and got all excited.  As we neared the door we saw why: Corky Of all the days I bring my tiny pug they have some huge dog there!  He was eyeing Zoe like she was a snack.  Luckily he was really sweet and after introductions they basically ignored each other.

Gmommy LOVED Zoe.  And Zoe loves everyone so that worked out well. Zoe, Gmommy.  Gmommy, Zoe. Gmommy & Zoe having a convo Zoe was on her best behavior. She really wanted to run around and explore, but in an Alzheimer’s unit I didn’t think that would be such a good idea so Momo held on to her. Momo & Zoe My sweet girl. Momo & Zoe I can’t wait to take her back.

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I’m a itch on April Foole, yo

I received an interesting text this morning from a number I don’t recognize:

I thought we were friends but i guess we not. ur a backstaber and a itch. And dnt even get dat look on ur face cauz u just got april foole.

In other news, if you decide to get in on the home waxing, I would like to share some tips with you that were shared with me, plus some I learned on my own.

  • Smooth baby powder over your area to be waxed before you put on the wax.  It helps keep the wax from sticking to your skin.
  • Baby oil will get any excess wax off your skin.  No need to buy special wax remover lotions.
  • Put the wax on in the direction the hair grows.
  • Smooth on the strip in the same direction, then rip off in the opposite direction.
  • Don’t try to wax yourself while baking and watching tv. This sort of thing requires a fair amount of attention or you may hurt yourself.
  • The sofa is not an ideal place to perform home waxing.
  • Pugs will try to eat the used strips.  Throw away immediately.

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CSP plays patty cake with Zoe (sort of)

CSP has this thing he does with Zoe that just cracks me up. They both lay down on their bellies and he slaps the ground. Zoe copies him. Then a slapfest ensues. Love it!  ***Let the whole thing load before you watch.  It’s better this way.