Disney Fantasy Bermuda Day 8 Part 1

Today we are in Nassau, Bahamas!

We woke up early since we are getting off the ship and went to Cabanas buffet for breakfast.

Our view of Nassau at breakfast

On the way to breakfast we hid a few ducks.

Hiding (and finding) ducks on cruise ships is fun! You never know where you’ll see one! We re-hide the ones we find so kids can find them. You can get cruise ducks on Amazon and tons of places online. Each time we’d leave our room we’d grab a few ducks to hide.

After breakfast we went back to the room to gather our stuff and change for Atlantis. Atlantis is a GIANT resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Usually when we stop at Nassau, CSP & I stay on the ship because we’ve been to Nassau a few times, unless there’s a particular excursion we’ve signed up for. But this trip we had MIL along and she’s never been so we decided to go to Atlantis for the day. You can buy a day pass to many resorts to enjoy their amenities even if you’re not staying there.

We debarked then grabbed a taxi to Atlantis. We weren’t the only cruise ship in Nassau today.

We got to Atlantis and once we figured out where to go to get our wristbands we made our way out to the water area and walked under this waterfall to our assigned pool cabana. It was kinda stinky in the grotto tbh.

Saw this sign on the way. Cracked me up!

Our cabana was at the Coral Pool. Luckily Atlantis has its own app with turn by turn directions, because this resort is HUMONGOUS!!!

I went to the towel hut and checked in. Brickell, our cabana host (cool name), walked us to our cabana- number 45.

CSP COULD NOT WAIT to get in the water. Views of the and from the cabana:

Menacing clouds!!! Luckily it only rained on us for like 5 minutes.
Our cabana had a ceiling fan
Our cabana came with towels for us, bottled water (in sustainable packaging! yay!), a small fridge & safe (in this cabinet).
The Coral Pool- it has a swim up bar!

CSP & I jumped in the pool as soon as we got covered in SPF. We swam and chilled in whatever shade we could find. It was a beautiful day today! It was about 82* and partly cloudy. Around noon we got hungry for lunch so we walked over a small bridge to the Lagoon Bar & Grill. It’s an all fresco restaurant with an open kitchen. V cool.

The Lagoon Bar & Grill
Sharks in the water surrounding the restaurant
The ceiling of the Lagoon restaurant

Lunch was really good! I had shrimp with rice pilaf and salad (although the lettuce got hot being smushed up against the hot food and y’all know I HATE hot lettuce). We got a tropical salad for the table and MIL had cobia fish tacos.

CSP had a delicious seafood pasta.

This guy ^^^ kept an eye on our lunches, hoping for a taste!

After lunch we took a little tour of the property.

We spotted a wee kitty! This lady was feeding it (not pictured) and we got to talking. Apparently there are 3 kitties that live on the property and are feed regularly.

We passed the stingray exhibit. A worker was about to feed them so they were all crowding around her! I wanted to jump in the water with her!!!

We went underground to the predator’s tunnel.

Big stingray!!!

We went back to the cabana where I read and CSP decided to go check out the water slides. MIL went with CSP to document the journey. I was really looking forward to riding the lazy river but Brickell the cabana host said Atlantis sold it a year or so ago!!! Boooo!!! Anyway, CSP found the raging rapids river and gave it a go.

45 minutes after this photo ^^^ was taken, MIL appeared back at the cabana sans CSP, BUT with CSP’s slides (his Crocs sandals). Apparently MIL had waited for a while where CSP had gotten into the raging river (at the calm spot of the river, before the rapids). But CSP didn’t return so she came back to the cabana in a panic looking for him. At this point it’s 3pm. We had to leave by 3:45 pm to make it back to the ship on time (taxi ride plus a long walk to the pier). I said he’d show up at the cabana at some point, but she was worried because since CSP was in the water he didn’t have his phone, a watch, or any way to tell time. I went to the restroom on the other side of the Coral Pool. By the time I got back to the cabana MIL was pacing with a worried look on her face and she had corralled 2 Atlantis employees (one of which was Brickell our cabana host). Brickell told me they don’t have a PA system so there was no way of calling for CSP. At this point MIL was worried we were going to have to leave CSP at Atlantis to make it back to the ship on time. No sense in all of us being stranded in Nassau! Ha! But then he appeared (like I knew he would). He walked up and said to MIL- why did you take my shoes?? It was a HOT walk back on that pavement! LOL

Note- maybe we were just spoiled by Disney, but none of us thought the Atlantis day passes or cabana were worth the cost. Basically we just paid them to let us sit in their shade, swim in their pool, and then we paid more money for lunch! We could have done all that on the ship! And we wouldn’t have had to pay extra for lunch!

We gathered our things and went out to the front of the hotel to catch a taxi back to the ship. If you ride with strangers it’s just $5 per person each way! Not bad. We were the last to load in to this particular mini bus and the driver told me to get in the front seat with him. This vehicle had a very short front end and it was apparent that this taxi driver had NO REGARD for my life or nerves!!! I’ve ridden in taxis in NYC and other cities but let me tell you, this was the most frightening taxi ride of my life! He wouldn’t hit the brakes until I could basically reach the cars in front of us with my short arms!

We finally made it back to the port and I’ve never been so happy to see Dumbo!!!

Next up- dinner at Palo, Pirate night, and fireworks at sea!!!

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Salty dogs

Papa & Gigi converted their pool to salt water a couple months ago, just in time for the warm weather.  I tried it out on Mother’s Day.  Morgan, Mom & I swam for just over 2 hours.  The difference between the chlorinated pool and the salt water pool is just amazing!

Cons: the initial cost to convert the pool.  That’s it!


  • Cost: before Papa & Gigi had to spend about $80 a month on pool chemicals.  No more!  Salt is super cheap & rarely has to be added.
  • Fewer bugs.  You know how you have to skim out the pool before you swim?  Now it takes no time at all because there are so few bugs!  And no frogs or snakes either.
  • Taste.  I was wondering if it would taste like I was swimming in the ocean.  Not at all.  It’s like swimming in saline/contact lens solution.
  • Doesn’t sting your eyes.  I opened my eyes under water while swimming and there was no sting.  Also, my eyes didn’t get all red afterward.
  • Skin/Hair-  Usually after swimming my skin feels really tight and it dries out.  As soon as I got in the water I could tell a difference.  It was softer and my skin felt smoother.  After swimming there was no tightness or dryness.  And my hair felt like it had been conditioned instead of all brittle from chlorine.  I could run my fingers through it both in and out of the water with no problem.  I have excema so the skin thing is a huge deal to me.
  • No pruney fingers.  This was weird.  We didn’t prune up.  2+ hours in the pool and no wrinkly fingers.  I also didn’t get thirsty like I usually do while swimming.  Wonder if those two things are related.
  • No chemical smell.  I could smell the flowers surrounding the pool instead of chlorine.
  • Other benefits: easier on your bathing suits (won’t bleach them out). Won’t ruin your highlights or hair color. More gentle on pool toys.  The salt & the pump equipment still produce chlorine- just naturally through the salt.  No more pool shock chemicals.  No stinging eyes when you get splashed.

I’m so excited about swimming at Papa & Gigi’s this summer!