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Don’t forget…

Tomorrow starts Winter Photo Bloggy Days!!!

PhoBloDays, or Photo Bloggy Days, is a quarterly activity I created to get a peek into the daily lives of my bloggy friends.

Here’s the lowdown:

Take a picture at least once every 2 hours. Photograph everything:
your breakfast, the inside of your shower, your view when you wake
up, what you see on your commute to work, your desk, your lunch, you
get the idea! Things you think are every day and mundane to you are
interesting to us!

Post your photos of Friday & Saturday. You can do both days to show the difference between work & play, or just the one day. Continue reading “Don’t forget…”

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Blogger’s Block

I’m also having a bit of blogger’s block.  I’m going to attribute this to CSP being on vacation this week.  That means I’m spending less time at the computer, less time writing in my journal, less time writing in general, cause I’m spending all my time hanging with my homeboy.  Facebook & Twitter aren’t suffering.  Maybe that’s because they are quickies.  Hopefully I’ll snap back out of this once he goes back to work next week.

Anyone up for a Spring session of Photo Bloggy Days soon?