Where to get coupons

When you first start couponing you need coupons.  Where to get them?  The Sunday paper is your best bet.  Some people buy multiples of the paper to get lots of inserts.  Red Plum and Smart Source are the main inserts in most Sunday papers.  You can also print coupons from their websites.  If you really think you’re going to get into saving money by couponing, I would go ahead and set up a folder on your favorites bookmarks bar marked Coupons.

Then go to these sites:

Red Plum

Smart Source

Coupon Mom


Coupon Network


There are a TON more sites out there, just Google Coupons and you’ll see!  Don’t forget eCoupons too.  You use them for your groceries as well.  Go to Upromise and set up an account, then once a month activate their eCoupons.  Then when you buy say, a can of soup, you can use a paper coupon on the soup at the store, then get credit in your account for your eCoupon. Saving Star is another great resource for eCoupons.  They have an app too so while you’re in store you can check your account.  Build up $5 at least then transfer it to your Paypal account or get gift cards.

Don’t forget, there are 2 main types of coupons.  There are manufacturer coupons issued by the companies that make the products and there are store coupons issued by the stores.  You can stack these coupons for ultimate savings.  Example:  you want to buy Tide detergent.  You clip a manufacturer coupon from the Sunday paper for 50 cents off.  Then you read  Target‘s ad and clip a coupon with the Target logo on it that says store coupon next to the expiration date that is worth 25 cents.  You are allowed to use both to save a total of 75 cents.  That’s called stacking.

You may want to check with a friend or neighbor and start swapping coupons.  My friend Christina and I swap coupon inserts every couple of weeks.  She has 2 small kids and I have 3 dogs so our needs are different and we clip different coupons.  We swap the coupons and it’s like we bought 2 papers!   Some people also participate in coupon trains where they will receive an envelope full of coupons, pull the ones they want, add the ones they won’t use, then send them on to the next person in the train.

Now go get clipping!


Help me help you

Those of you who shop online like me, you NEED to sign up with this site.  Those of you who don’t shop online much, you may change your mind!  You will thank me I promise.  It’s called Ebates and I’ve been using them since 2008.  Here’s the skinny.  You log in to Ebates.  You search for the store where you want to shop or the product you’re looking for.  Ebates shows you a bunch of coupons you can use at said store.  You click on the link for the store/coupon and that’s it.  Then once a quarter you’ll get a big, fat check in the mail or a deposit into your Paypal account.  A friend of mine just told me where she gets her ink cartridges pays 16% back!  You can bookmark your favorite stores on Ebates to make shopping even easier.  The Disney store pays 5%.  Sephora pays 8%. pays 10%!  Even eBay is on Ebates!  Target and Walmart are on there too!  We have most of these stores in our area but when it came time to do our Christmas shopping it made more sense to go through Ebates and shop online.  Like the soccer goal we bought our nephews.  Got it online from Walmart.  Started at Ebates.  Got free shipping and 2% back.  Would have cost more money to drive the 3 miles to the store!

They pay you to refer people to Ebates too!  For everyone you refer you’ll get $5.  So sign up and help me out and it will help you out too!