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Day 14 of 30 Days of Thanks- The Internet

I’m thankful for the internet.  Not just for daily tasks (but we do rely on it for everything- I mean, when’s the last time anyone used a phone book?), but for Facebook and Twitter and blogs.  I’m on Facebook every day.  It’s how I keep in touch with so many friends and family.  It’s how I’ve reconnected with long lost friends.  And through Twitter and my blog I’ve met some of the greatest people!  I can’t imagine not being able to check in on my peeps’ lives now that I’m so used to it.  I’m also thankful for the internet for shopping!  I rarely shop at a brick and mortar store anymore for clothes, gifts, etc..  Love online shopping.  I love mail anyway so to get goodies in the mail is even better!


31 more reasons to love me! :)

You are invited to an ONLINE Thirty-One party! If you aren’t familiar with Thirty-One then check out the website here.  Thirty-One offers every kind of bag and storage option you can think of plus wonderful gifts for everyone on your list from baby to adults. All the items come in your choice of a ton of amazing prints and can all be personalized! You can shop in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, with a glass of wine! And CHECK OUT this month’s special!  The Large Utility Tote is only $9 when you spend $31. That’s 70% off! You can get it in a special print this month only- Pink Circle Spirals, as well as 10 other prints! This tote is amazing- SO many uses, at least 31! To see the rest of the Spring/Summer catalog and to place your order, click here:

I love Thirty-One and my wish list is long!  I want the Fold & Go Organizer, the Large Utility Tote, the Organizing Utility Tote (for when I face paint), the Picnic thermal tote, the Jewelry Roll with Pouches, and the Card Caddy with cards (30 cards! only $1 for each card!) and more!  I love all the prints- that’s the hardest part, choosing what print to get.  And everyone knows a Southern girl loves monograms so I love being able to personalize all my items!   Come on, you know you want something!  It will totally help me out as I’m going to be selling Thirty-One soon to make money to furnish our kidlet(s)’ room!  Can’t wait!

Thank you!