Bloggy Meet 2013- Blowing Rock

Friday night I packed up my games (Cranium, Phase 10 & Scattergories) & some clothes & headed out to the airport at 11pm.  I picked up Leah, who flew in from Denver, and we drove up the mountain to Blowing Rock to meet Kristie & Chris from Raleigh, Punchy & Courtney from Upstate NY, Pam from Knoxville, & Tammy from Ashville.  We got in a little after 1 am and went straight to bed.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit then hung out chatting and talking until about 3:30 when we met up with the next door neighbors.  We went out to some property where there was a gorgeous stream,IMG_4251 a fire pit, some picnic tables and some 4 wheelers. IMG_4253IMG_4256IMG_4259

IMG_4260  We had drinks and snacks and road the 4 wheelers all over the property.  We rode up to the top where they are clearing land for a house. IMG_4252 Awesome view!  We spent hours around the fire pit roasting marshmallowsIMG_4266 and talking until it was finally time to go home.IMG_4263  Once home we played a round of Apples to Apples IMG_4265then all headed to bed.

Next up:  Sunday & Monday on the mountain!


40th Birthday Mountain Extravaganza Day 3

Saturday was Birthday Day!!!

We woke up fairly early and had a light breakfast then got ready to go to town.  9 people and 1 shower means that takes a loooong time!   We went to Hob Nob Farm Cafe for lunch.   Hob Nob is SO good.  I had a crab cake and brie panini with plantains on the side.  Yum.   We had a yummy sangria too.  I wish I’d taken pictures at lunch!

After lunch we stopped by the kayak store so Papa could look at kayaks.  Then we headed over to Appalachian Mountain Brewery.  They weren’t open yet but they kindly let us in early. While we were waiting CSP & Marc went to Walmart to buy more BBs- 2200 of them!   Once the brewery opened we played giant Jenga and all the beer drinkers (not me) had one of their artisan beers. IMG_4097 It was such a gorgeous day and they have this big covered patio.  It was really nice.

We went home and hung out on the porch some more.  People watching, knitting, reading, and BB gunning.   For dinner Marc made pizzas for everyone.  For dessert since I’m not a fan of cake, Marc’s mom made me this gorgeous fruit pizza!  It was amazing!  They sang happy birthday and I blew out my candles then burst into tears.  I was just so overwhelmed by all that everyone was doing for me, to make me feel special on my day.  My heart just couldn’t hold it all in!  Even typing this now makes me tear up.  Maybe turning 40 makes you sappy!  Then it was time for presents.  I got totally spoiled by my family.  Turning 40 is apparently a big deal.   Next it was game time!  We played a rousing game of Cranium and laughed and laughed!  I love that game so much and it’s even more fun when it’s with your family!

We tired ourselves out and went to bed.  What a great day!


40th Birthday Mountain Extravaganza Day 2

Friday morning Brotha Marc made us all breakfast.  Then we got dressed and ready to head into town.  That’s when I noticed Sara had snuck out and decorated my car!  Click to enlarge pics.IMG_4103 IMG_4100 IMG_4099 IMG_4101 IMG_4102 IMG_4104 She even drew CSP on his window with his goatee and baseball cap!  So fun!

We went into town to Walmart, Staples, the pet store, Harris Teeter, then picked up lunch at the Come Back Shack.  Best name for a burger joint ever!   We went home and had our lunch then it was nap time!  After our naps we hung out on the porch reading & knitting and watching Brotha Marc sell funnel cakes to tourists. IMG_4093The boys had a good time shooting beer cans with their BB guns.  I tried a couple shots but all I could hit was the tree!

IMG_4094For dinner Marc cheffed up yummy stir fry.  Then we played Phase 10 until even the pugs were conking out.  We were trying to wait up for Papa & Gigi & Momo to arrive but we were all too tired to stay up any longer.   We were in bed by 10:45.  Having mountain fun wears you out!




40th Birthday Mountain Extravaganza Day 1


We woke up early on August 1st and got to the DMV fast as we could so I could get my license renewed.   We were in and out in less than 20 minutes.  It would have been faster if I’d known that the sign is Divided Highway and not Island! Go Around the Island!  Luckily I had a really nice instructor!  Yay!

We went back home to pack up last minute stuff and do one last load of laundry.  Then we hit the road for Valle Crucis.  We had to take 421 up since they were doing construction on 321.  421 is the boring road.  Sigh.  But soon enough we were in the mountains!  We pulled up to the house and Sara and the boys were already there.  Sara decorated the house for my birthday!  She went all out!  It looked SO good!  Check it: (click on pics to enlarge)DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014 Sara hung banners in every room and out on the porch.  She made me the coozy and tiara AND the cool Celebrate dragonfly hanging!  Plus there were balloons in every room all over the floor.  I was blown away!

CSP & Brotha Marc did a little fishing after we unloaded the car while I visited with Sara, the boys, and the pugs.  Then it was time to freshen up for dinner.  We met up with Kristie and Chris at Red Onion Cafe.   We started out with Key Lime Pie Martinis.  SO good.  We had a fabulous dinner with great conversation and wonderful company.  Next thing we knew it was time to go home.  We made a quick pit stop for breakfast goods at Ingles then went home and were in bed by 10!

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Leaf peepers on the loose

We went to take a movie back today & decided to drive down a couple roads we haven’t ventured down before. We took the pugs with us and rolled down the windows so they could enjoy the mountain air while we enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous colored leaves. I drove CSP up to see the ski slopes at Sugar Mountain then we swung by Grandfather Mountain. I saw the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance and decided to hop on that to take us back to Boone. Well, I’m no good with directions. CSP asked if I knew where I was going. I replied with a little huff in my voice that Hello? Who’s the one who grew up in the Carolinas? Who’s visited the NC mountains all her life? I then turned right on the parkway and we enjoyed our drive until we realized we weren’t seeing the landmarks I thought we’d see.
Went to return a movie, got adventurous, took a different road & somehow got lost on the Blue Ridge Parkway heading! Seems I took us almost to Asheville. Which is a great city, but not nearly close enough to our house! Ended up taking us over 3 hours to return that movie!  And if you’re wondering why all my pictures from this were taken with my iPhone and not my camera, well it seems that, like a big dope, I left my camera sitting right there on my kitchen table at home, in Charlotte. Doh!

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Blue mountain skies

We’re blessed with great weather on this trip. Another gorgeous day in Valle Crucis! Blue skies during the day with nice breezes, chilly air at night.This trip is pretty laid back.  Lots of book reading and chilling out. Molly's a laid back mountain pug For some reason when we’re at the mountain house, Molly glues herself to CSP and forces him to hold her pretty much 24/7.  Cracks me up.