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Disney Magic- Day 8

Friday, February 3, 2o12    Castaway Cay

Today is the day we’ve been looking forward to all week!  Castaway Cay!  Castaway Cay is Disney‘s private island.  They have 3 separate beaches– the family beach, the sports beach, and the adults only beach called Serenity Bay.  Paradise I tell you!

We woke up early and had breakfast in our room.   Look at that view!  Just as we were about to put on our swim suits and SPF, a message came over the loud speaker.  It was the captain telling us they were having technical difficulties.  Boo!  So there was a 2 hour delay getting to the island.  One of the ships’ side thrusters (used instead of tug boats) was malfunctioning.  They got it running again and the next thing you know we were docked at Castaway Cay!

We got off the boat and went to wait for the tram.  On the way to the gangplank we ran into Donald.  Then CSP got stopped by Minnesota people who recognized the TC (Twin Cities) on his shirt and had to talk baseball! 

We walked over to the tram station.  On the way we passed the post office.   Chip and Dale were there!   We took the tram (even the tram route is pretty)  to Serenity Bay and got lunch(since it was so late now) before we picked out our chairs on the beach.  Lunch was a buffet and I didn’t take pictures.  But it was great!  Mahi mahi, ribs, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, lots of different salads, fruit, ice cream even!

CSP and I picked out our chairs (there are hammocks too!).  I didn’t bring my good camera on the island so these are all iPhone pics, but not too shabby eh?  This was the view from my chair.   We went out into the cool water and swam and swam.  Or bobbed and floated!  There were some snorkelers nearby who warned us of giant starfish and stingrays.  We saw lots of fish and I was calling for a dolphin baby to come see me but no real wildlife.  UNTIL…we decided to go chill out on the beach.  We were really far out in the water and were doing the stingray shuffle as to not step on one.  I noticed some holes in the sand under our feet and pointed them out to CSP.  I reached down to see what it was just as CSP saw the tail.  It was a stingray!  CSP started yelling “Crocodile Hunter!” and tackled me to get out of the way of the tiny baby stingray who just wanted to hang out with me!   CSP is not a fan of wild animals.  We made our way back to our chairs.  CSP went and got us some cocktails.   We relaxed on our chairs for a while.  Reading books and I may have nodded off a bit.   We eventually noticed people making their way back to the ship so we packed up and hopped back on the tram.    Back on the ship we went up on deck to get some shots of the island. 

We went back to the room and packed up our luggage since this was our last night on the cruise. 😦    Then we got ready for dinner.  Dinner tonight was in Animator’s Palate.   We haven’t been to Animator’s Palate since the first night of the cruise.  CSP’s appetizer was a sesame seared tuna tartare.  So pretty!    He also had some sort of seafood mixture.  I can tell that’s shrimp and scallops and maybe salmon.  Not sure why I didn’t write this down.I had the chicken sate .    If you’re wondering how I remembered all the things we ate, I brought a tiny notebook and put it in my purse.  Then after we ordered I’d write down everything we ordered.  Just before bed I’d write down everything we did that day.  There’s no way I’d remember everything on my own!

We both had soup- CSP had lobster and crawfish bisque while I had potato leek soup.  Our entrees included orange roughy stuffed with crab for CSP and seafood pasta for me.  Lobster, scallops, shrimp and clams.  I put those clams on CSP’s plate immediately.  I can’t stand the idea of their shells touching my food!   Dessert was a yummy strawberry and creme cake called Celebration Cake for me and the trio for CSP.  It included chocolate mousse,a chocolate tart and a little celebration cake.    During dinner service there was a little show.  The man waving is Val, our waiter.  We love Val.  He’s from Romania and his wife works on the ship too.  There are over 55 countries represented in the dining staff alone!

After dinner we went back to our room and went right to bed because tomorrow we have to get up early for breakfast and debarkation!

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Safety Pants Lexicon

I think it’s a mixture of growing up in Minnesota with a pinch of family sayings.  Or maybe it’s just him.  Either way, he says some funny things.

  • He pronounces ROOF like ROUGH.
  • ROOT beer is RUTT beer.
  • If something is pricey, in his opinion, he says “Boy, they sure know what to charge for that don’t they?”  I always think “Of course they do, Silly, they are the store that sells the things!”
  • If he’s had enough of something he’ll say he’s “Had great plenty”
  • If there’s a lot of something there’s a “sh!t ton” of it.

That’s all I can think of right now.  I’m sure I say a sh!t ton of things that he thinks sounds funny since he’s all MidWestern and I’m all Southern!


Instant keepsake

CSP’s parents recently made a trip back to Minnesota where CSP grew up.  They brought him back some of his favorite home town beer.  Old Style by Heileman’s.   He’s only drinking one every now and then to make them last.  He was looking sad about them disappearing so I thought I’d make magnets out of the caps.  I glued 2 magnets together and glued them to the inside of the cap.  Instant keepsake!



Remember when we talked about The List?  Well, I have an addendum.  It’s not very often that I need to add someone to The List but I’ve recently developed an almost embarrassing cougar crush so I need to go ahead and make it official.  You know, just in case he shows up at my house and throws himself at me.  Cause there just aren’t enough pretty girls in Hollywood for him to date.  Anyway, I’ve seen this boy around here and there for years but for some reason he didn’t jump out at me until I saw the movie Country Strong. O. M. G.  He drives me to distraction.  Garrett Hedlund.  He’s from Minnesota.  So is CSP.  So maybe I have a thing for Midwestern boys.  Who knew?  All I know is that this boy, and he is SO young, like 26, he has something about him.  His voice.  OMG his voice is so deep and he can sing!  He learned to sing and play the guitar for Country Strong.  And it’s so odd cause I am NOT a fan of smokers or all that straggly hair he had all over his face during the movie but buy the end of it I was like I MUST have that soundtrack so I can swoon over him in the privacy of my own home.   I mean LOOK at him.  Look how he’s staring RIGHT AT ME.  And his smile, it’s pretty dreamy.  I’m all atwitter!

Please don’t tell CSP.  He already picks on me when ads for Jason Statham‘s new movie come on (he’s on the list).  The trailer starts and CSP goes “He’s so dreamy!”.  And he is.  But I have never devoted a blog post to him.  Garrett just flew right up the list to number one.  Although I feel like such an old perv just looking at him!  Anyway, don’t tell CSP or he’ll make me write a retraction like he did a few years ago.  Because, you know, this is the WORLD WIDE WEB.

By the way, the Country Strong soundtrack only has one song that Garrett sings so I need the More Songs from Country Strong soundtrack if anyone’s feeling generous.  I mean, I did just provide you with some serious eye candy.  You’re welcome.

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CSP turns 39!

CSP's birthday cake- the Univ of Minnesota logo- by Mom of CSP CSP’s parents came over yesterday to celebrate his 39th birthday.   CSP’s Mom made this cake/giant cookie combo in the spirit of the University of Minnesota (CSP’s favorite college football team– they are from MN).  His parents made us yummy beer cheese soup & beef stroganoff – CSP’s favorite meal that his parents chef up.  The plan was to watch the Minnesota Vikings game on tv but the Metrodome collapsed under the weight of all the snow they’ve been getting lately!   Look how cute my boy is holding up his new Minnesota pullover.CSP loves his new pullover! I wonder what he’s wishing for? Making a wish! More pics here.