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I Spy Eye Fi

I receive the Photojojo newsletter in my email and the just talked about the coolest thing!  They now make SD memory cards for your camera that upload your pics for you- straight from your camera via wifi!  Amazing!  It’s called Eye Fi.  Your pictures go to a photo sharing site like Flickr.  Eye Fi is not the cheapest thing but you’re paying for convenience and magic!  The more you pay the more features and memory you get.  Think about all the cool events this would be great for!  Births, birthdays, parties, graduations, trips etc.  If some family and friends can’t be there but you’re near wifi, then your fam & friends can watch it unfold as it happens via the photos you upload!  It’s like they’re there in real time!  Amazing!  The photography nut/techno geek in me is drooling!