I hadn’t updated my 100+ Things page in a while so I sat down to do that and realized that a few things have changed over the past 3 or so years since I’d updated.

#26- I used to only have 2 tattoos.  Now I have 5:  a sun/moon on my lower back, 3 ladybugs & a dragonfly on my right foot, the Hebrew word for three on my right foot, the initials of my sisters, my mom, and my initial on the inside of my left wrist, and 3 stars behind my left ear.

#29- I’d always wanted a nose ring.  Now I have one.

#43- I’m up to 10 cruises now.  11 come February.

#50- I’d wanted to go back to Las Vegas where we honeymooned.  We took a trip back there for my birthday in 2009.

Also we’ve moved to be closer to CSP’s work, we finished our adoption work, and I’m less than 8 months away from turning 40!


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I just don’t understand

  • Why smokers think it’s ok to throw their butts out their car windows as if their butts aren’t FLAMING LITTER!  It’s dangerous, rude, and bad for the environment.
  • Fax machines.  I can wrap my head around scanners and copiers, but fax machines straight up blow my mind.
  • How my hair grows so fast until I’m actually trying to grow it out.
  • If you stop shaving your legs will the hair grow down to the ground or stop at some predetermined length?
  • How some people go for sooo long without going on vacation.  Even if it’s just for a couple days, you GOTTA get away!  Make some memories!
  • Why our pugs aren’t bald. I swear they shed all their hair then regrow it daily!
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Nothing but a number?

I don’t feel my age.  Although really, if you think about it, what should 36 really feel like?  I’ve been thinking of the whole age thing since I saw Up in the Air.  Afterward I looked up the movie on IMDB.  That’s when I learned of Vera Farmiga‘s age. I think Vera is absolutely beautiful, but I was surprised to learn that I am 3 days older than her.   I was also surprised when I learned Chelsea Handler‘s age.  I’m 2 years older than her!  She’s only 34.   I think Chelsea is beautiful too, just not really 34 years old looking.  The last time I was at my hair salon another customer asked how old I was and was surprised when I told her I’m 36.  When my mom was 36 she was a mother of 3, two of us were already teenagers.  My mom’s always looked young for her age, but I still feel like she was so much more grown up at 36 than I am.   I mean, I’m responsible and all that.  We own a home, we pay our bills, I had a job from the time I was 15 til just a couple years ago.  But I just don’t feel like I thought 36 would feel.

I also don’t feel like I look how I thought 36 would look.  I think my friends and I all turned out pretty young looking, and that includes bloggy & twitter friends.  I’m not going to post all y’all’s pictures here, you know what you look like.  And you look good! So here we are, a whole generation of young looking and young feeling people.  Not just girls either, CSP still looks like a young stallion. I’d post a pic of him but he always looks drugged and tired in pictures so it wouldn’t really help my point here.

Also, I don’t have old interests.  I’m not a huge fan of sitting around debating politics (although I will).  I’m still into glitter and cute stuff and being a girl.  Here’s a real life example of how I’m basically just a giant girl child…I received a text from my aunt regarding Easter dinner plans: “I’ll have unsweet tea with Splenda and I found you some cool straws.”   I wonder if becoming a mother will make me feel my age, or if I’ll still be the same me, just with a mini me running around?  (I’m hoping for the latter!)

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Quirky, Unique, Special, Weird

When you adopt you have to provide a TON of very personal information to your agency, your case worker, the state, tons of people.  It makes you take a very close look at yourself.  I’d say I’ve always been fairly self-aware but lately I have started to notice that I have some weird tendencies.

  • When I dab on my cuticle oil in my head I make this noise every time when I touch the brush to each nail.  Banga, banga, banga.
  • When I put on my makeup I host an infomercial in my head.  I go through each step and help viewers with their day or evening looks. I provide valuable tips.
  • I sing in the car.  Loudly.  And I swear to you, when I’m alone and singing with the iPod or radio, I sound fantastic.  As soon as someone else starts listening I go completely tone deaf.  It’s the darnedest thing!

I am also aware of my faults. I am:

  • bossy
  • possessive
  • jealous
  • impatient
  • annoyed easily by stupidity (stupidity, not ignorance.  Ignorance can be overcome by learning.)
  • convinced that if people would just do what I say then they’d be much happier and better off in general.
  • a bit lazy
  • horrible at time management

I’m working on these things so I can be a good parent, but some are just ingrained in me because I am a classic textbook Leo.  And you can’t fight the stars!

What are your little quirks?

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Shanny & CSP: Origins

jonshanny11 years ago today CSP & I became inseparable. This is how it happened… I have been friends with my BIL, Marc, since 1992.  Our group of friends would go on a fun trip once a year or so.  Well in 1998 we chose to take a 7 day cruise to the Southeast Caribbean.  Marc, Jackie, Landon, Amy, Kevin, & I signed up to go.  I got a bonus at work and my tax return so I went ahead and paid for my portion of the trip.  (All these odd details become important later, I swear)  Marc & Jackie were dating when we booked the trip, but as the date of the cruise got closer they broke up.  Continue reading “Shanny & CSP: Origins”

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Behind the scenes

Me riding around on the mart cart! Y’all are so sweet about this picture, thank you! Not bad for a self portrait, huh? What you can’t tell is that I’m wearing Christmas Jammies in this picture. 0015_11650_mm There they are.  Quite festive, no?  I wore them all day Christmas.  CSP came into our bedroom right after I pulled on the pants and stopped short in horror.

Really?  You’re kidding right?

What?  It’s Christmas!  I’m being festive.

That’s one word for it.  You look like you escaped from a mental institution!

Later as we were about to leave the house I asked him…

Do I look ok?


Nice.  Ok, so do I look ok minus the clothes.

I’m sorry.  I can’t see past it.  It’s blinding.

Yeah, I’m married to the king of Christmas cheer! 😀

Oh, and…it was so fun being in the store all alone.  Just the 2 of us.  CSP said he was gonna go in the next day and pull the security tapes so he could see a crazy woman in her pajamas riding around in the mart cart!  At least I didn’t run into anything! 😀