pop culture

Girl Crush

I have two girl crushes.  One is Lee Anne Wong from the Cooking Channel.  She is on a show called Unique Eats that CSP watches all the time.  I noticed her voice first.  She has a great voice.  I mentioned ONE TIME to CSP that I thought she was pretty and now every time she’s on the screen he yells “There’s your girlfriend!”  You know how he is.

My other girl crush is Mila Kunis.  I liked her on That 70’s Show just fine but really started liking her when she was in that movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Then Black Swan sealed the deal.   She has a great voice too.  Plus she’s funny.  I can’t wait to see her in Friends With Benefits.

I haven’t told CSP about Mila yet.  I can’t have him yelling in the movies.