Specs & Bangs

Last summer I was outfitted with glasses.  I’m still not used to them!  I forget they’re on all the time.  I try to scratch my eye and poke myself right in the glasses.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve gotten in the shower with them on and it’s very awkward when I try to put my CPAP mask on my head and my glasses are in the way!  I do like the way they help me see though.  I only have to wear them for task related things but isn’t everything you do a task?  In an unrelated note, I’m back to wearing bangs.  I asked CSP if he liked me better with or without bangs and he said “Oh God WITH!”  Okaaaay…who knew for the last 8 or so years I’ve been running around with no bangs that he’s been secretly wishing and hoping for some hair to cover my five-head?

The heat must bring out the rude in people

I may be the only person in the Carolinas who’s not looking forward to Summer.  I sometimes wish we lived in Canada or Alaska so it would stay cool all year.  Mainly because I don’t like wearing shorter sleeves.  Not because of the sleeves themselves, but the people.  Recently I was out and about and ran into a woman I’ve met maybe 3 times.  I was wearing a shirt with 3/4 length sleeves.  Actually it was the Penelope shirt!  The woman looked at me and instead of the normal Hello greeting she said “Girl, what the hell is going on with your arms???”  I was mortified.  I have severe eczema and it really affects my forearms.  I don’t know why I don’t have it on places no one can see.  I’m used to people looking at me funny, esp at drive thrus or other places where I’m exchanging money for goods.  People look at my arms like I’ve been a victim of an acid attack.  And frankly, that is what it looks like.  During the winter (when I get to wear long sleeves, natch) my eczema is better.  When it starts to get warm out the heat flares it up and the patches look really red and angry.  But that DOES NOT give anyone the right to embarrass me like that!  And in front of people!  I would never look back at her and say anything like “Girl, what is UP with your hair?”

If you are unfamiliar with eczema and what it looks like, my arms look very similar to this: It’s not fun.  Luckily I have pretty good self esteem and a husband who thinks I’m beautiful even with my spots. Now, before you start listing all the “cures” for eczema, please know that while I appreciate it, I’ve heard – and tried- them all before.  I’ve been dealing with this for 20 years.  I’ve tried every bath, cream, pill, spray, balm that you could think of.  Bottom line is that there is no cure, only temporary remedies.   Just do me this favor- please teach your children to not stare.  That eczema and psoriasis and the like are not contagious.  That unwanted comments are just that- unwanted.  That the only license you could have to make comments would be a medical license.  And if you weren’t aware of this, now you know.  I really don’t want to go through another summer having to educate the ignorant in how to be polite.

Lizard skin

This winter has wreaked havoc on my skin.  I have really dry, sensitive skin.  I have pretty severe eczema too so that makes it tricky when it comes to what I can put on my skin.   This winter lotion just wasn’t cutting it.  I tried oatmeal lotion, shea butter, the works and I still felt like my skin was just going to crack and fall off.  Then a friend told me about Aura Cacia almond oil.  I ordered a bottle from Amazon since searches of my local grocery didn’t turn up any almond oil.  Plus I wasn’t sure if I could use food grade almond oil or if it had to be just for skin.  Anyway, my oil came in and it’s amazing!  A little goes a LONG way.  Thank goodness because I was not crazy about the price (about $11 for the bottle), but if it lasts a long time then it’s worth it.  It absorbs (unlike baby/mineral oil), doesn’t have a smell (so it doesn’t clash with my perfume), and doesn’t leave me looking greasy.  My Aunt Marsha told me she uses almond oil from the grocery store and keeps it in the fridge.  I’ll try that once my bottle of Aura Cacia runs out.  So if you have dry, sensitive skin- run out and get you some almond oil.  It’s even helping my eczema!

What’s wrong with Sara

FINALLY!  Sara has a diagnosis!  If you haven’t heard, my sister Sara has been dealing with some medical issues for 5 years now, ever since she gave birth to Joey.  She’s been exhausted, swollen, jaundiced, in pain, the works.  She’s had a million tests and procedures, been to see a million doctors and specialists.  Last year I took her to Wake Forest for tests.  That didn’t go well.  Finally this summer she went to Duke and they figured it out!  Sara has Hereditary spherocytosis. Now that they know what’s wrong with her they can fix her!  And unfortunately that means surgery.  She will have to have her spleen removed in October, a week or so before Halloween.   Because of the disease her spleen isn’t functioning as it should and that is making her sick.  Removing it is her only real option.  The surgery is Laparoscopic and her recovery time will be pretty short, thank goodness.  The surgeon taking care of her does all of the Charlotte area splenectomies so she’s in good hands.  I’m so excited for her to be able to get back to a normal life finally!  No more steroids!  Less blood draws!  (she’s been having her blood tested every 2 weeks for years now).  She’ll be feeling good in just a few weeks! Hurray!  So please say a little prayer or send some good healing vibes on October 25th!

Puke fest 2010

Forgot to tell you, so when CSP & I went out for our anniversary at the beginning of this month everything was great right?  That is, until about 4am the next morning.  I started throwing up and it did NOT stop for what felt like years.  I ended up being sick for a good week.  Fever, chills, lots and lots of puking.  It caused us to miss our last adoption class.  I was so upset! Luckily we’ll be able to make it all up.  It’s gonna take a while to get it scheduled, but we won’t have to start over or anything.  Yay!  Also luckily I had exchanged contact info with our favorite people in our class so we can keep in touch.  Yay!

In the meantime…

We’ve been home a week and I know, I know, I still don’t have all my pictures edited and I’ve yet to blog word one about Vegas.  But I’ve been busy being sick.  In Vegas a couple of funky symptoms popped up having to do with some of my lady lumps.  Once home I have just been exhausted.  I mean, can barely hold my eyes open.  I made doctor appointments but Tuesday night things got a little scary.  I was shaking, dropping things, could barely stay awake.  So CSP took me to the ER where they diagnosed me with mastitis, gave me some antibiotics and sent us home.  Wednesday we saw an OBGYN who said it’s NOT mastitis but fibrocystic breast disease.  She scheduled me for a mammogram & an ultrasound for the girls, told me to start taking vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil and sent us home.  I became a little overwhelmed that night.  I mean, really?  Another disease?  My bubbies are purely decorative.  HOW could they be diseased?  I’m so frustrated & tired of being in pain!  I had myself a good cry and begged Lola & Trudy not to go into the light (had to name them finally, since they’ve been the center of attention lately).   I’m not convinced that I have the fibrocystic breast disease.  Seems my most disturbing symptom (which I am NOT going to post on the internets) doesn’t affect most people with the disease.  Plus, it just all came out of nowhere.  After my test results come back next week if I’m still not satisfied with the diagnosis I’ll get a 2nd opinion.

In the meantime, when I can stay awake long enough I’ve been editing our pictures.  Over 300.  I’m about a third of the way through.  But I promise to tell you all about Vegas, baby.  Soon.  Hang in there.  Like Lola & Trudy.

Leaving Las Vegas

We’re home!  We had a fabulous time and all the updates are coming soon.  Right now though I’m dealing with a couple of health issues that popped up in Vegas.  One is  pretty scary (and strange).  A full day of doctor appointments on Wednesday will hopefully take care of this.

Thank you all for my wonderful birthday wishes!  Y’all are the best!  My Blackberry died a horrible death in Vegas on our 3rd day there so if you were following our adventures via Twitter or FB and wondering why the updates stopped, there you go.  I’ll be replacing the Crackberry as soon as I can get to the store…with an iPhone!  Yay for birthday money!