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Zoe- pug supa star!

Momo & I took Zoe to the nursing home to visit Gmommy.  Zoe ran up to the door and got all excited.  As we neared the door we saw why: Corky Of all the days I bring my tiny pug they have some huge dog there!  He was eyeing Zoe like she was a snack.  Luckily he was really sweet and after introductions they basically ignored each other.

Gmommy LOVED Zoe.  And Zoe loves everyone so that worked out well. Zoe, Gmommy.  Gmommy, Zoe. Gmommy & Zoe having a convo Zoe was on her best behavior. She really wanted to run around and explore, but in an Alzheimer’s unit I didn’t think that would be such a good idea so Momo held on to her. Momo & Zoe My sweet girl. Momo & Zoe I can’t wait to take her back.

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There ain’t no party like a nursing home party

Last night we attended my Gmommy’s nursing home’s Christmas party.  There was food, Cute little snowman on my platedancing, and music.  Gmommy & Jack cutting a rugThere was this sweet old guy wearing a baseball cap.  CSP was wearing his Twins cap(of course) and at one point turned his cap around so he was wearing it backwards.  Then the old guy turned his around too.  The sweet guy in the baseball cap turned his hat around when he saw CSP turning his hat around. Very sweet.  We hung out for a good couple hours dancing with Gmommy until they kicked us out! Papa & Gmommy tearing up the dance floor More pics here.