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Facebook has sucked the brains out of my head

I used to be witty.  I used to write.  Often.  I used to blog.  Often.  Now do you know what I’m concerned about?  Planting enough flax on Frontierville to meet my goals and building my haunted house on Farmville.  What the hell is wrong with me?  It has infected my family too.  I’ve noticed that in most conversations with my sister Sara we discuss Far

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m & Frontierville.   We used to be creative, intelligent women.  PEOPLE, I have things to do!  I don’t have time to run 2 different virtual farms!   And never mind how I’ve totally let my island go to pot on Treasure Isle!   Seriously though, I totally blame Facebook for my non blogging.  All day long little updates are hitting my Facebook wall.  The last thing I want to do is write a narrative about all those little updates.  But I’ve got to hang in!  I’m less than a year away from blogging for a full decade.  Ten years of detailing my little adventures on the interwebs.  The internet will never be the same.