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More app <3

I’ve been telling you about some of my favorite apps.  If you are a pop culture junkie like me then you for sure need to go download Get Glue.  I use this app so much it’s on my iPhone’s home page.  That says a lot.  You check in on your GetGlue app (for Android and other phones too) and share when you’re watching a tv show or movie, if you’re listening to music, reading a book, playing a video game, or even drinking wine.  You earn badges like on Foursquare for your checkins, but the really cool thing is once you earn a certain amount of badges GetGlue will mail you stickers of the badges you earn!  Here are some of mine on my laptop.  Love that!  It’s a free app by the way.  You can also follow your friends and see what they are reading/watching/listening to.  The app can connect to Facebook & Twitter so you can share your checkins with all your peeps. Fun!  I like that feature because the little post from GetGlue will include a graphic of the media you checked in to.  So go get the app and friend me on there!

techno geek

Another app for under your tree

Foursquare is not new to me or the app world but I’m constantly surprised when I find out people I know with smart phones don’t use Foursquare. The main complaint I hear is “I don’t want everyone knowing where I am!”  Well they don’t have to.  You can check in all day long and never alert a single person out there in WWW land of your whereabouts.  You can check in and have your check in appear on Twitter and/or Facebook and show up for your Foursquare friends.  But you don’t have to.  So why use this app?  Many reasons my friends!  Users add tips to venues like “Stay away from the salmon” or “Be sure to order the burger”.  Those can be very helpful.  It’s fun to be out and about, check in and see that a friend of yours is just one store over or even right where you are!  You also earn badges & mayorships that can bring discounts and freebies.  I’m a competitive person who loves a freebie so this is right up my alley!

Lots of brands (companies) are on Foursquare and if you follow them then you’ll unlock special badges & goodies.  I had NO idea how many brands were linked with Foursquare until I stumbled upon this list.  You must check it out!  Plus the author lists all the active badges on 4SQ and how to get them.  He’s put a ton of work into this and it is really helpful!