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Full color creepy

I face paint at festivals and parties on occasion.  Sometimes I need an assistant.  So the other day (could have been a couple weeks ago by now) I was over at my sister Sara’s house.  She volunteered to help me face paint at an upcoming event but she wanted to practice first.  Luckily she has 2 children we can paint.   Someone had a fabulous idea of painting eyes on Jacob’s eyelids.  Then we did the same thing to Gigi.  It was incredibly creepy!!  Like they were watching us with their technicolor eyes!

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Guinea pig

The other night I went over to Casa de Mustachio for dinner & visiting.  We ate FABULOUS Thai food for dinner from a local place (Em’s a champ at eating Thai- that’s awesome for a 3 year old!) then Em did some modeling for me.  She showed me her Princess Tiana Halloween costume. IMG_1639 Check out these super fly shoes! Emily's super fly glass slippers! The heels light up!  I wish they came in my size.  She looks so beautiful in her Tiana gown! Shannon is going to be my assistant at a school festival soon where I’m face painting so we thought we’d practice a little on Emily before Shannon’s professional face painting debut.  Emily LOVED being our little guinea pig.  It didn’t hurt that I brought her a new set of Silly Bandz to bribe her a little.  Our facepainting guinea pig- Emily! Em was a great guinea pig- a 3 year old is way more squirmy than the grade school kids will be at the festival.  So if you can paint anything on a wiggly 3 year old and it comes out half recognizable then you’ll be all set!

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Cowgirl up

Saturday I went to Ellie’s birthday party. Ellie lives next door to me & turned 7. She asked me if I’d paint faces at her party. Absolutely! The party was held at a local horse stables. There were pony rides & a maze & after cake we went on a hayride. My first ever. They aren’t kidding about the hay. You sit on it in a big wooden crate thing pulled by a tractor. It was all fun & games until we got stuck going up a hill & all the daddies had to push us the rest of the way up the hill. Good thing we were packing muscle.
The kids were all adorable. One boy asked for a giant eye ball on his cheek. Another asked for a 3 leaf clover & a leprechaun. I obliged the wee lad. I told one girl she was my last customer when the party was over. She eyed me and said “Where do YOU have to go?”. Indeed.