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Wanted: Mustache on a Stick

While planning Shannon G’s mustache themed baby shower I had to decide on a traditional cake or go with cupcakes.  Her favorite flavor of cake is almond (like me), so I knew I could pull that off.  But making a cake that would reflect both the mustache and baby girl theme was proving daunting.  Plus, I have this fabulous 3 tiered hot pink server that I’ve been dying to use.  So cupcakes it is!  I knew I wanted the icing to be pink but I needed a mustache in there…enter mustache on a stick!  I Googled mustache on a stick and found a ton of them at Etsy. LOVE Etsy.  I found quite a few sellers with mustaches on sticks but the quality just wasn’t all that great.  I was thinking maybe I could make them myself but then I saw MaroDesigns and everything changed.  Their attention to detail is incredible and more importantly they are affordable.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy all the supplies and make my own mustaches on sticks for near the same price or quality.  I messaged them and told them I needed 20 mustaches on sticks for cupcakes and would that be possible?  Sure enough they were able to create adorable little staches that were perfect for my cupcakes!  The tiny mustaches were delicate and fragile but they were packed with such care that they arrived in perfect condition.  I could not wait to use them!  They were the perfect size for cupcake picks AND for holding up to your face to be your mustache for photo ops!  Be sure to go check out MaroDesigns for all your things on a stick needs!

I made almond flavored cupcakes and homemade almond buttercream icing.  I couldn’t find hot pink cupcake liners that I liked so I used silver foil.  They reflected the hot pink of the server so they appeared pink until you took them off.  Genius! I added tiny little white sugar pearls to girl them up a bit.  I was very pleased with how they turned out! 

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Mustache Bash- First, the invitation

As soon as Shannon G told me she was pregnant I started mentally planning her baby shower.  I knew instantly I wanted it to be Mustache themed as she’s married to Senor Mustachio.  I started looking for invitations and party goods right away.  You’d be surprised at how slim the pickings are when you’re looking for mustached themed party goods.  I turned to Etsy and found B. Nute Productions.  Betsy was incredible to work with.  She had a blue mustache themed party invitation that was masculine but had some elements I was looking for.  I really liked her style so I messaged her and asked could she do a custom invite for me.  I told her what I wanted (vintage feel, pink, woman and baby wearing mustaches, etc.).  We went back and forth via email as she created the invitation.  I think she was a bit thrown off that I wanted a mustache themed baby shower invite for a girl. But she totally delivered.  I blurred out the identifying information but here’s the final result (click to enlarge):I was THRILLED when they arrived! They are big- 5×7 and printed on heavy card stock.  Great quality!  I couldn’t wait to show Shannon G.  She loved them too. I’m a firm believer that your invitation sets the tone of the party and this was just perfect!  Betsy at B. Nute Productions makes all sorts of invitations, announcements, etc.  I’ll be sure to use her again- you should too!