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Fabulous prizes

I wanted to give out good prizes at Shannon G’s baby shower while staying on a budget.  Most baby shower planning sites said just go to the Dollar Store and grab some things and throw them in a bag.  I don’t want stuff from the Dollar Store (unless I need something specific) so why would I give Dollar Store stuff out as prizes?  I knew my friend Christina would have a great idea for me and sure enough she came through.  She told me about these really cute things at Bath and Body Works called PocketBacs. Tiny little anti-bacterial gel bottles.  She told me they have cute little holders too.  So I bought a bunch of the PocketBacs and holders in various flavors and colors.  They also have these adorable tiny candles- bigger than a tealight and maybe votive sized, but in its own container.   I bought a bunch of those in various scents to go with the PocketBacs. Island Margarita is especially yummy smelling.  I lucked out with a coupon and free shipping and of course I went through Ebates so I made 3% back on the purchase.  So for the same amount I would have spent for Dollar Store variety bags I was able to give adorable, useful prizes.   When the box arrived everything smelled so good I had a hard time giving them up!   I went ahead and put the gels into their little holders and paired them up with a candle then put it all in a themed goody bag and tied it with pink ribbon.   Everyone seemed to really like the prizes.  I was very pleased!

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Shower Games

For Shannon G’s shower I wanted to find some fun shower games.  She was not into the whole “let’s measure the Mommy’s belly” thing or the melted candy bars in diaper game (thank goodness- that just seems gross to me!).  So I looked around online and found the Don’t Say Baby Game.  As guests arrived I gave them all a hot pink Mardi Gras bead necklace to wear.  Once everyone arrived I explained the rules of the game.  You can’t say “Baby”.  If you do and are caught then you give up your beads to the person who caught you.  The guest at the end of the shower with the most beads wins a fabulous prize.  I was the first person to lose my beads when I called Kiki “Baby”.  Doh!  It was really fun, especially because we all got a little competitive and MAN is it hard to not say baby at a baby shower!

The other game we played was baby pictionary.  I borrowed a giant dry erase board from Gigi that’s on an easel.  That made it super easy to play.  Susan brought some dry erase markers for us.  A few weeks prior to the shower I compiled the list of word clues for the game.  I came up with a few on my own but then turned to Google.  You would not believe what some people suggested!  Pablum?  Dilation?  Crowning?  Ok, I don’t even know what pablum is but it doesn’t sound good.  And I sure did not want a bunch of ladies trying to draw a baby’s head crowning or any other anatomy class pictures!   I finally came up with a good list:  Continue reading “Shower Games”

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Mustache Bash- First, the invitation

As soon as Shannon G told me she was pregnant I started mentally planning her baby shower.  I knew instantly I wanted it to be Mustache themed as she’s married to Senor Mustachio.  I started looking for invitations and party goods right away.  You’d be surprised at how slim the pickings are when you’re looking for mustached themed party goods.  I turned to Etsy and found B. Nute Productions.  Betsy was incredible to work with.  She had a blue mustache themed party invitation that was masculine but had some elements I was looking for.  I really liked her style so I messaged her and asked could she do a custom invite for me.  I told her what I wanted (vintage feel, pink, woman and baby wearing mustaches, etc.).  We went back and forth via email as she created the invitation.  I think she was a bit thrown off that I wanted a mustache themed baby shower invite for a girl. But she totally delivered.  I blurred out the identifying information but here’s the final result (click to enlarge):I was THRILLED when they arrived! They are big- 5×7 and printed on heavy card stock.  Great quality!  I couldn’t wait to show Shannon G.  She loved them too. I’m a firm believer that your invitation sets the tone of the party and this was just perfect!  Betsy at B. Nute Productions makes all sorts of invitations, announcements, etc.  I’ll be sure to use her again- you should too!

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Shower the people you love with love

I’m throwing my first baby shower in March!  It’s for Shannon G who’s married to Mustachio.  Naturally it’s a mustache themed baby shower!  I have lots of fun ideas but can always use more.

  • What are some fun baby shower games?  Besides “measure the Mommy”.  That one gets a big no.
  • What should I stay away from?
  • Good baby shower foods?

I’m so excited!  I’ve already been planning this for months!  And there’s nothing cuter than a baby with a rockin’ stache!