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Disney Magic- Day 3

Sunday, January 29, 2012.

We slept a little late today because we had late brunch reservations at Palo for 10:30 am.   Check out the awesome view from our table:  Nothing but gorgeous blue skies and blue water.  Well, and the occasional shirtless tourist.  CSP was psyched at all the seafood at brunch.  Brunch at Palo is a buffet and I’m normally not a fan of buffets (I don’t like strangers breathing all over my food).  But this buffet was gorgeous!  I couldn’t get any pictures of it because it was really busy.  But just imagine- shrimp, crab claws, salmon mousse with caviar, proscuitto wrapped melon, marinated mushrooms, salad caprese,  smoked salmon, poached scallops, assorted danish, homemade stollen, mixed berries, chilled strawberry soup, and more and more.   And you’re eating it all at a gorgeous table  with champagne and roses.  They also have cook to order items on the hot bar.  CSP got Eggs Julia, which is Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of ham.  I got the classic eggs benedict.  We shared a Chicken Parmesan on Lisa’s recommendation.  I don’t normally consider chicken parm to be a standout dish but this was the best I’ve ever tasted.  Amazing.  Then came dessert!  I LOVE tiny desserts!   We LOVED brunch and considered booking another one later in the cruise.  But we decided to wait til the next cruise and keep it a special thing.

After brunch we headed back to our room to change into casual clothes.  Except…we couldn’t remember our room number!  We wandered around deck 6 for a while until I remembered to check our dining ticket.  Whew!  While we were exploring deck 6 we came across this room.  I love when people decorate their doors!  And how wonderful that they celebrated 50 years of marriage on a Disney Cruise!  We finally found our room but it was being cleaned.  So we went to the future cruise booking desk and got some price quotes for next year.  Next thing we knew a dance party erupted!  Here came Pluto and Goofy   I wonder why Goofy gets to wear clothes but Pluto can’t?   They went down the stairs and joined Mickey and Minnie in a huge dance party!    I love how they get right down there with the kids.  We watched the dance party for a while then went back to our cabin to nap and read.

Then it was time to get ready for dinner.  I had a little of my new favorite wine while primping.  Christina gave me a bottle to bring on the cruise.  Not everyone knows this but Disney is BYOB.  I mean, they do sell adult beverages onboard, but you can also bring your own.  Saves a ton of money!

Tonight was Formal Night  and dinner was at Parrot Cay.   CSP chose the marinated salmon and a parmesan/bleu cheese souffle for his appetizers.      I chose a goat cheese and tomato salad.   We both had sausage and potato soup (very good but not photogenic).  CSP had filet of turbot for his entree.  I had proscuitto wrapped chicken with potatoes and zucchini.   Dessert was wonderful as usual.  CSP chose a trio- lemon cheesecake, chocolate souffle, and tiramisu.    I had the brioche banana bread pudding with caramel sauce.  So yummy.  We both tried to order things we don’t normally get or eat at home.   This cruise was a lot of trying new things.  And not one thing disappointed.  Everything was so wonderfully prepared and delicious!

There were lots of people getting formal portraits taken with the characters in the lobby.   We went back to our room to change clothes and found the latest towel animal.   The room host also leaves the next day’s Personal Navigator.  It’s a newsletter of sorts that tells you everything that’s going on onboard the next day.  We changed clothes and went up on deck 10 to chill out.  The winds were incredible!  They were so strong that there were no chairs out for people so we went down to deck 9 and hung out a bit, watching Funnel Vision (the giant tv over Goofy’s Pool).   We got some drinks with our refillable mugs and CSP got some pizza (I don’t know where he puts it!).  We went back to our cabin, watched Thor and set our clocks ahead one hour before we went to sleep.