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Getting Old is Costing Me Money

My friend Christina has good skin.  It’s really pretty.  Then a little while ago she bought a Clarisonic Mia 2 and now her skin positively GLOWS.   Glows like it looks like she has on makeup when she doesn’t glows.  I need to get in on that action.  I’ve been blessed with a nice complexion but as I’ve, ahem, aged, I’ve noticed larger pores and rougher skin and other problems I won’t bore you with.  I’d been using a handheld face cleansing brush with super soft bristles but it just wasn’t enough.  So when we got our tax refund I took the plunge and made the purchase.  Clarisonic cleansing systems are pretty much price locked everywhere and you can’t use coupons for them so I had to get creative to save a little money on my purchase.  It pains me to buy anything at the full retail price!  I found the Mia 2 model color that I wanted at Ulta.  I normally shop at Sephora online but they didn’t have the Passion Fruit color. mia2_passionfruit_set_400x234_01142013 First I logged into Ebates. com then clicked on Ulta’s link from there.  Now I’ll get $11.92 back from Ebates!  Sweet!  Ulta sent my Mia 2 really quickly and I was so excited to unpack it.  I charged it up for the recommended 24 hours then I used it for the first time.  The cleanser that comes with it really wakes up your skin!  Since I’ve received the Mia 2 I’ve used it a few times and my skin is so smooth!  I expect it will take a little while before I notice marked improvement with my pores and breakouts but so far I’m loving this!  Fresh & dewy here I come!


Love getting something for nothing!

So, you know those Valentine’s I told you about for 10 cents each?  Well, while CSP helped me wrangle the pugs (green beans for treats helped!) we had a little Valentine’s photo shoot.  Then I chose the best shot, uploaded it to See Here and ordered my free cards.  I chose the 2 day shipping for like $6 I think because I wanted to make sure that they get here in time so I can get them out in time (we have 2 relatives in Minnesota so I need a good 5 days).  $6 for 25 photo cards isn’t bad if you ask me!  Well, they shipped them that night!  I started my shopping at Ebates like I usually do, even though I knew I was getting the cards for free so I didn’t expect any money back.  Imagine my delight though when I found out that See Here deposited $1.47 into my account at Ebates!  Woot!  So now my cards were only $4.50!  Nice!