A very puggy Christmas

Zoe is crate trained and has to be in her crate anytime we leave the house.  She still has a LOT of mischievous puppy in her.  We try really hard not to leave her in her crate for more than a few hours at a time.  So we try to take her with us to visit family if we’ll be gone for a while. This is usually not a problem as most of our family members are dog people.  However, CSP’s parents are cat people and they’ve never had a dog in their house.  This year they said they’d put the cats upstairs and we could bring Zoe as a trial run.  We brought her travel crate just in case, but she was beautifully behaved!  She loved on everyone, went potty in the pouring rain like a champ, and had a great time! She even wore her Santa hat for a few pictures. My loves Then it was time to open her stocking. This looks like it's for me, Dad! Next it was time to cuddle with Grandpapa. A little bit of Grandpapa & Zoe love All the festivities can make a girl tired. It was time to chill out with Daddy. Zoe & her dad chillin like villians We had a fabulous crown roast for dinner.  And a great time with CSP’s side of the family.

Christmas Eve my family came to our house to celebrate.  We all brought fun party food and enjoyed hanging out with each other.  I was too busy being a hostess to take pictures.  I’m really regretting that now.  More photos here.


Some of my favorite ornaments. One of my favorite ornaments.  I hung it by the window. This one is huge. I decided to hang it in between the big windows in our living room. One of my favorite ornaments.  A silver & glass tea pot I love this little silver and glass tea pot. One of my favorite ornaments.Love this swirly purple one. One of my favorite ornaments.  BIG sparkly ball! I really love these huge, mega sparkly balls. The star at the top of our Christmas treeAnd of course, the stained glass star. CSP and I bought this our first Christmas together over 10 years ago.

Slacker Elf

So, there won’t be a pug picture in this year’s Christmas cards.  😦  I’m bummed about it but there’s nothing I can do at this point.  We were late getting our tree  and decorations up and those serve as the backdrop for the picture.  So please accept my apologies, family and friends and just picture in your head how cute our puggies are.

Gettin down with Gmommy

Friday night was the annual nursing home Christmas extravaganza. Papa, Gigi & Gmommy Sara, Jacob, Joey, Momo, her friend Brittany, Papa, Gigi & I all turned out to celebrate with Gmommy. GmommyThe nursing home put out a yummy buffet of Southern holiday favorites: sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green been casserole, ham, turkey, pies, mac & cheese, the works. After dinner we were treated to some elder boogie. Mrs. Kelly (this cute little lady who is convinced she’s in Pennsylvania)Mrs Kelly's getting down and Gmommy were really getting down! We had a great time and it’s so nice to see so much joy in an Alzheimer’s wing of a nursing home. Gmommy & her great grandchildren, Jacob & Joey Even the lady who normally complains and curses at people had a half smile on her face!  More pics here.

Holiday Blow Hard

Ok, I’m going to admit something. Please don’t send me hate mail or call me Scrooge.  But I hate those inflatable lawn decorations.  HATE them.  I mean, I guess kids like them or something, and I’m all for that, but I can’t stand them.  I hate how during the day they just lay there in a lump on the lawn like a pile of multicolored trash.  I think they are tacky.  And every year some punk kids go and slash up someone’s inflatables.  The story makes the news and everyone feels so sorry for Mr. Inflatable Owner.  Now, I do not approve of any vandalism, but at least I know I’m not alone in my blow up hatred. heh.

I love everything else about Christmas.  Seriously.  I even love fruit cake.  But please, when decorating for Christmas, or any holiday, don’t blow it.

Starbucks, why you wanna do me this way?

Dear Starbucks,
Over the summer I searched high and low for the insulated cold drink tumbler until I finally found it online. I loved it. Now it’s the holiday season and you’ve come out with a tumbler with an adorable red and white candy cane swirl. Now, there’s no point in me spending $16 for an identical tumbler just for the straw. So can I get the straw seperate? NO. Unfair, Starbucks. Unfair. You have ruined my relationship with my boring green straw because as hard as it tries it will never be red, white and jaunty.