I heart Twitter

imagesTwitter is partly to blame for my lack of blogging lately. But don’t be mad at Twitter, good things happen there.  For instance, Hugh Jackman, yep, the real Hugh Jackman tweets.  And he started a contest on Twitter where he’d donate $100,000 to a tweeter’s favorite charity.  You had to tweet him the charity & why he should pick it.  He ended up splitting the $100k between 2 very deserving charities.  How great is that?  And he twitters himself.  He doesn’t have some assistant do it.  Love him!

Then there’s one of my favorite singers, Lily Allen. She also tweets herself. While on her American tour this Spring she would tweet clues to her fans.  Then they would follow the clues to find 3 sets of free tickets to her show!  She did this for just about every show I think.  And the coolest part is that she’d hang out and see that the tickets were found then meet & have pics taken with the winners. I just think that was such a cool thing to do.  Especially in this economy.  Sometimes she’d even include VIP passes.  Love her!

I love Twitter cause I can images-1update my Facebook status via text from my cell while out and about.  Plus it’s fun to tweet back and forth with tweeps.  Their tweets get sent to my cell via text too. So go sign up & follow me!

I’m so gansta

Sara & I were talking about celebrities on Twitter.  By the way, Seth Rogen is not on Twitter.

Me: Like Puff Daddy Diddy.

Sara:  Right.

Me:  My name doesn’t work for those celebrity names like JLo or how Lindsay Lohan is Lilo.  I’d be ShaRed.  Doesn’t make sense.

Sara:  No, that doesn’t work.  What was P.Diddy’s name before?

Me:  Puffy?  Wait, he was Sean Puffy Combs, then Puffy, then Puff Daddy, then Puff Diddy?  I think?

Sara:  You could be P. Shanny.

Me:  (thinking of the spelling of diddy and my name).  I could be Shiddy.

Sara:  P. Shiddy!  Bahahaha!  You’re P. Shiddy!

Me:  No, wait!  That doesn’t sound right!

Sara:  Even your Facebook picture looks like you’re taking a P. Shiddy.

*Yeah, I changed that pic out right away!*