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Bachelor in Paradise Finale

I know I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’m sick so throw me a bone please.

It’s the FINALE BBs!!! I know in real life it’s only like 3 weeks of filming but it feels like this show has been on forever and a day!!! We pick back up at prom where Noah has just broken up with Abigail. They say their goodbyes and Noah leaves Paradise. Abigail goes back inside and tells everyone what happened. She then leaves herself. Everyone is bummed.

The next day is the last cocktail party! Everyone gathers for it then Wells comes out and cancels the party! Whomp whomp. They head straight to the Rose Ceremony where …..
Joe gives his rose to Serena

Riley to Maurissa

Kenny to Mari

Thomas to Becca

James to Anna

Aaron to Tia

Ed to Mykenna

Going home: Natasha and Chelsea

The next day Wells gathers everyone again and introduces Dean and Caylinn (spelling? It’s been a while since they’ve been on the show). They tell the group that tonight is Fantasy Suites night so it’s super important to have those make or break conversations. The guys and girls retire to their respective palapas.

Kenny pulls Mari to talk. They decide to go forward to the Fantasy Suites.

Thomas pulls Becca. Thomas: I want to be with you. Becca: I think we should split up. You’re too good to be true. He starts crying and walks away. Becca chases after him, but sticks to her guns. They say goodbye and they leave, but on the car ride out Becca admits she’s torn.

Ed asks Mykenna to talk. Ed wants to continue their relationship and go to the FS. Mykenna is like, dude we just met YESTERDAY, I’m out. Ed’s like Yeah, true BUT….. that dude is trying SO hard to get her to spend the night with him but she holds fast and they both leave Paradise…separately.

James & Anna talk. Anna wants to continue the relationship, she really likes James. James says he can’t see himself falling in love with her. Anna leaves Paradise. James goes back to the guys and tells Aaron Hey I’m out. Wanna bounce? (they live in the same city). Aaron runs to talk to Tia really quickly. Like REAL QUICK. They BARELY walk away from the other women before Aaron starts his “nice to meet you” speech. He leaves with James! Bros! Poor Tia leaves a bit grumpy!

Riley & Maurissa talk. She wants to continue their relationship and go to FS. He starts hemming and hawing and mucking about and getting her scared before FINALLY admitting he wants the same thing!

Joe pulls Serena to talk. They say I love you to each other.

The last 3 remaining couples gather before Caylinn and Dean again. They are all told to go on to FS and Fake Dinner. At Fake Dinner Kenny and Mari finally say I love you and so do Riley and Maurissa. They all head off to Fantasy Suites.

The next day as Riley is leaving Maurissa he says in her ear that he has thinking to do and isn’t sure if he’s ready. She’s left SOBBING.

Proposal time!!!

Kenny and Mari are up first. He proposes and she says yes!

Next are Maurissa and Riley. It must be HOT HOT HOT out because these poor girls are SWEATING buckets in their makeup and dresses and the poor guys are drenched in their long pants and nice shirts!!! Riley proposes and Maurissa accepts!

Joe and Serena are last. Joe is up on the little area waiting and who walks down the stairs?? KENDALL! Dang ABC, you’re all about creating drama!!! Kendall walks up to Joe and they talk. They get closure and say their goodbyes. Kendall leaves and Serena comes up to the little area. Joe and Serena are the cutest I swear!!! He proposes, she says yes and everyone’s happy!!!

Post Paradise, the 3 engaged couples are still engaged. Abigail and Noah got back together and so did Thomas and Becca! Pieper and Brendan split.

See y’all BBs in 2 weeks for Michelle’s season of Bachelorette!!! xo🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 7

It’s Week 7 BBs! We are in the home stretch! This week is a 3 HOUR ordeal!!! Luckily I watch on Hulu so it only consumed 2 hours of my life!

This week picks back up with Aaron and Ivan arguing over Chelsea. They get all up in each other’s faces then walk away. Later Aaron goes back to talk with Ivan and this time Riley inserts himself in the conversation too! Basically, Ivan told Aaron he wouldn’t try to steal anyone’s rose. Then Ivan made out with Chelsea. Ivan tells everyone that Chelsea pulled HIM to talk, but it was the other way around!!! Cracks me up when folks forget they are on tv and being recorded! The camera does not lie!!!Chelsea walks over and sets the record straight, but Ivan keeps lying! Chelsea and Aaron make out.

Rose Ceremony

Wells gathers everyone then says he has to deal with something that happened last night when they were all sheltering from the storm at the hotel (not the resort where they normally are). Wells pulls Ivan to talk, leaving the rest of the group to speculate what’s going on! Ivan admits he looked on a producer’s phone (!!!) and got Alexa’s ( who???) room number off the phone then went and found her and spent time with her last night! This is a big no no Ivan!!! Wells and Ivan come back to the group and Ivan tells everyone what he did. Wells tells Ivan to say his goodbyes and he leaves.

The Rose Ceremony commences.

Serena gives her rose to Joe

Abigail to Noah

Maurissa to Riley

Mari to Kenny

Becca to Thomas

Chelsea to Aaron

Natasha to Ed

Tia to James

Going home: Blake, Demar, and Dr Joe.

The next day Wells announces he’s the host for the week! Yay! Mari thinks Kenny is being distant. Anna (mean girl from Matt’s season) arrives with date card. She pulls Kenny right away. Kenny and Thomas both turn her down for her date. Anna takes James on her date. They become human churros (WHAT?????) and roll around in cinnamon sugar and chocolate syrup. While that would be v exfoliating, I don’t understand what these producers are thinking!!! Then they take an outdoor shower, get a massage from huge snakes (!!!) and have a hot tub make out sesh. Safe to say they are getting along!

Mykenna arrives with a date card and asks Aaron. Aaron says let’s go chat and turns her down. Mykenna starts crying on the beach so Ed goes to her and says he’ll go on the date with her. At first she waffles, then decides to take him on the date. They go rollerblading, have fun, and kiss. Natasha is bummed.

A priestess arrives on the beach and pulls Mari and Kenny. She guides M & K through some spiritual exercises. Afterwards K & M feel closer.

Noah tells Abigail he has strong feelings for her and that he’s falling in love with her. Abigail freezes and doesn’t say anything back.

The next day, it’s announced they are having an 80s themed prom! Complete with 80s clothes! SO fun!!! Now that James is with Anna, Tia doesn’t have a date. During the prom Aaron pulls Tia aside and takes her outside and gives her a corsage, which is so sweet. Then he kisses her and they make out! What about Chelsea Aaron?!?! They go back inside and Aaron starts dancing with Tia, totally ignoring Chelsea!

Joe and Serena are crowned prom king and queen. The band plays Almost Paradise! Ha!!!

Noah pulls Abigail aside to chat. He breaks up with her, he’s crying. Abigail does not take it well and walks away to the bathroom crying.

To be continued next week in the finale! Yay!!!
xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 6

Week 6 BBs!!! We start with Joe and Serena all in love and making out on the beach with Kendall watching them. Kendall is all upset and pulls Joe aside to talk. Joe tells her he’s sure things between them are over. Kendall decides to leave and sobs in the car.

Next Day

Ed & Demar (who??) arrive with date cards and chat up the girls. Ed asks Natasha to go on the date and Demar asks Chelsea. They all go to an art class. Ed & Natasha make out! Yay!

Kenny and Mari get a date card and go to a cooking class of sorts. But Kenny has to get naked and lay on the table while Mari spoons taco fixings all over him then eats it off. Then it’s Mari’s turn on the table. This is just gross. Afterward they talk about their feelings and say they are falling in love with each other.

Back at the resort, James is trying to woo Tia away from Blake. Tia likes James but he doesn’t “make her vagina dance” like Blake does.

Maurissa is trying to get Riley to open up and talk about his feelings more. They tell each other they are falling in love.

Producers appear the next morning and tell the group they have to evacuate because of a severe tropical storm. Everyone leaves and the future of paradise seems uncertain. For 5 minutes. Then everyone is back and everything is ok.

They announce there will be a daytime cocktail party and Rose Ceremony. 4 guys are going home.

Tia is upset that Blake isn’t making any grand gestures to win her heart. Aaron’s trying to continue to woo Chelsea but then Ivan pulls Chelsea to talk and they kiss. Aaron sees and is NOT happy. Aaron confronts Ivan and they start to argue, all up in each other’s faces. Uh oh!

And that’s it until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 5

BBs, this week starts on the day of the Rose Ceremony. At this point, 5 girls are leaving. Quite a few people are talking about the whole Brendan & Pieper fiasco and how they are taking up 2 spots that should go to deserving people. A group, led by Joe, goes to confront Brendan and Pieper. Brendan gets super defensive, while Pie barely says a word. They then storm off to talk by themselves. They decide to leave! Yay!!! Pieper does NOT look happy and doesn’t say a word in the car. Guess they had to pay the piper!!! HA!!!

Maurissa sets up a little vignette for Riley with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries. They have to pick body parts out of a bowl and lick whipped cream off said body part. Maurissa must REALLY like Riley because she licks whipped cream off HIS TOES!!!! VOMIT!!!! It’s the grossest thing I’ve ever witnessed! Then they head off to the Boom Boom Room.

Today is Tammy’s birthday! She tells Thomas he’s her best friend and she will fight for him. Thomas says he has feelings for Becca and that there’s nothing Tammy can say to change his mind. Well, Happy Birthday Tam! Tammy walks off sobbing, Thomas goes and makes out with Becca.

Rose Ceremony

Wells comes to the ceremony and gives Natasha a rose because she deserves to stay after Brendan played her. Yay!!!! Now just 4 ladies are going home.

Riley gives his rose to Maurissa

Joe to Serena

Ivan to Kendall (who knew they were even talking???)

Noah to Abigail

Kenny to Mari

James to Tia (where did that come from???)

Thomas to Becca

Aaron to Chelsea (what?!!?)

Going home: Deandra, Tammy, Jessenia, and Demi (who’s super upset).

Lil Jon comes on as this week’s host. Now the ladies have the roses.

Next Day

Blake (who??) arrives with a date card. He chats up the ladies and takes Tia on the date. Poor James is v bummed. Tia and Blake go riding in a 4 wheeler type thing, then have a picnic and an outdoor shower (which is odd) and make out. They really hit it off. Tia is calling him Tatty Daddy because of his tattoos. She says he makes her vagina dance. Wow.

Meanwhile, things are heating up with Kenny and Mari. They go to the Boom Boom Room. I hope this room gets a thorough cleaning on the daily!!!

Next Day

Dr Joe arrives with a date card. He chats with Natasha and they get along great! He asks her on his date and they go to Fake Dinner and drink HUGE margaritas and everything is going so well!!! EVERYONE on the beach is rooting for Natasha to find love!!! Everything is going great with Dr Joe until he asks why is Nat still single and she has to tell him about Brendan. WHO, btw, is one of Dr Joe’s best friends. The entire vibe changes and Dr Joe puts the brakes on fast!!!

Kendall and Ivan are hanging out but she’s still hung up on regular Joe. Joe and Serena tell each other they are falling in love with each other. SO cute!!! Meanwhile Kendall is a HOT mess!!!

And that’s it until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 4 Parts 1 & 2

BBs, y’all better sit down, because this is gonna get juicy!!! Also, I couldn’t watch part 1 yesterday so this is a Part 1 & 2 combo deal for you!

Part 1

Kendall makes a beeline to Joe and they go off and talk, and argue, and talk some more. Kendall says she needs closure, but also that she still loves Joe and misses him. Joe then brings Serena up to speed and says he’s over Kendall and wants to pursue Serena.

Noah and Abigail patch things up.

Kenny and Tia come back from their date and Mari grabs Kenny right away. WHY is this 40 year old dude such a hot commodity??? I do not get it. Mari tells Kenny she still has feelings for him. Kenny says can we talk tomorrow? Demi is fuming the whole time. Then Kenny and Demi chat and Demi pulls a desperate move and asks him to go to the Boom Boom Room. He turns her down. Whew. Demi is pissed but girl, you’re better than that!

Next Day

Natasha and Brendan are getting along really well and she’s really into their relationship. Then….Pieper arrives. UGH I Hate spelling her name. Her parents should be flogged!!! WHY the extra E I ask you??? Anyway, Pieper has a date card. She doesn’t chat up the boys or even look at anyone but Brendan. Pieper asks Brendan to go and he can’t say yes fast enough. Now, remember a couple weeks ago the rumor was that Brendan and Pie were dating in real life before Paradise. Well, I’d say this cements that theory!!!

Brendan goes through the motions of pulling Natasha to make sure she’s ok with him going off with Pie. He says he wants to explore relationships with both ladies. Natasha is understandably upset.

Brendan and Pieper go to Fake Dinner and Brendan’s wearing a mock turtleneck. WHAT is it with the winter wear in Mexico in Summer Brendan??? SO odd. And, your boy is sitting there sweating buckets! Try a crew neck, pardner! Brendan says he and Pie are super casual, but Pie seems to think otherwise and says they are dating. Then Brendan says he navigated it so he’d be in Paradise when Pie arrived. Pieper says Brendan is my boyfriend. SUS!!!! So basically Brendan admits to playing Natasha for weeks just for her roses. Scum!!!

Next Day

Everyone at the resort is all abuzz talking about Brendan and Pieper and poor Natasha. Natasha pulls Pieper to talk and realizes that Brendan’s been lying the whole time about the seriousness of his relationship with Pie. Then Nat & Brendan talk and Brendan has the NERVE to say “What other options did you have that I kept you from?” I mean!!! What’s the point of all this B&P??? TV time? A free trip to Mexico?? UGH. Next thing you know, the camera cuts to B&P and they are seriously talking about their Insta followers and being is US Weekly! Sidebar: I was actually following Pie but NO MORE SIS!!!!

Part 2

Demi is working HARD to keep Kenny’s attention. Hard. Meanwhile, Titus Burgess (from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) arrives to be the guest host. I LOVED him on Kimmy but he falls flat here IMO. He announces there’s a VIP party tonight but only some of the group can go. Becca, Aaron, Noah (with his 32 Claire’s Boutique necklaces), Abigail, Kenny, Jessenia, Chris, Riley, Deandra, James, Thomas, and Demi are invited.

VIP Party

All the girls left behind are all up in their own heads about what could be happening at the party. Some are even crying! At the party, Titus arrives and says he has VIPs coming who may join the house. 4 women come in: Chelsea , Alana (who??), Alaya (sp?) (also, WHO???), and McKenna. They mingle with the people but Chris immediately grabs Alana and they go out in the breezeway and make out! Jessenia goes looking for Chris and sees the whole scene. Then Chris and Alana go back to the dance floor and full on make out right in front of Jessenia some more. Jessenia (who left Ivan for Chris) gets upset and leaves the party.

Next Day

Mari sits Kenny down and says she’s all in. Kenny says he has strong feelings for Mari. He then relays this info to Demi who is so upset because she had sex with Kenny.

Jessenia is crushed by the events of the prior night and Chris is moping around the resort like he feels bad about how he treated Jessenia. Alana arrives with a date card and of course asks Chris. Chris tries to talk to Jessenia but she sends him away. Way to go Jess! Chris and Alana go zip lining and then try awkwardly to make out on a sofa while dogs eat their fruit tray! Ha! Back at the resort everyone is on Team Jessenia and hates Chris now.

Chelsea arrives with a date card and takes Aaron. They go horseback riding, have a picnic and make out. Becca (who had been flirting with Aaron) then gets a date card. Becca asks Tammy if it’s ok if she takes Thomas. Tammy says yes then goes off crying when it happens. Becca and Thomas go to Fake Dinner then make out.

Chris and Alana get back from their date. Joe, Riley, and Jessenia confront Chris and tell him he needs to leave because it’s obvious he and Alana had a connection prior to Paradise. Chris goes to talk to Alana and says he’s leaving. Alana decides to leave too. They leave but they don’t leave together. Bye!

Now, WHY OH WHY isn’t everyone putting Pieper and Brendan on blast like they did with Chris and Alana??? Curious.

Until next week BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Part 2

Week 3 Part 2 picks up with Thomas and Aaron arguing on the beach over Tammy. Tammy pulls Aaron to talk but doesn’t get a word in edgewise because Aaron is PISSED!!!! Tammy decides to pursue Thomas.

Chasen gives Deandra this HUGE hideous necklace! It’s so big it looks like a bike chain hanging around her neck. They just met yesterday mind you. Deandra gives her bracelet back to Karl. Now Karl and Chasen are arguing on the beach over Deandra! Oy!

Tre decides Tahzjuan isn’t the one for him so he leaves.

Lance Bass says his time in Paradise is over then announces a new comer, Becca the Bachelorette. It’s the first time a Bachelorette has ever been to paradise.

Tahzjuan decides to leave.

All the uncoupled guys SWARM on Becca like bees!

Rose Ceremony

Natasha gives her rose to Brendan

Maurissa to Riley

Serena to Joe

Abigail to Noah

Jessenia to Chris

Tammy to Thomas

Demi to Kenny

Mari to James

Deandra to IVAN!!!! WHAT?!?!? This is out of left field but I am here for it!!!

Becca to Aaron

Going home are Karl, Chasen, and Poor Connor B the Cat Man

The next day Tia arrives with a date card and some major eyelash extensions!!! She chats up the guys and asks Kenny on her date. Much to Demi’s chagrin, Kenny says yes. Mari immediately yells at Demi “That’s payback!!!” Simmer down Mari.

Abigail is worried about her relationship with Noah. They have a chat about it and break up.

Tia and Kenny are out walking on a beach when they are approached by 2 women and a man. The strangers ask if they’d like to play volleyball? Then the strangers STRIP NAKED!!! After much deliberation, Tia takes her top off and Kenny goes naked too. They play volleyball then make out.
Meanwhile, Demi is talking a big game but I think she’s worried about losing Kenny.

Kendall arrives talking about how she misses Joe. Some of the guys stand up to introduce themselves to her but she makes a bee line to Joe.

And that’s it until next week BBs! Things are getting messy in Paradise!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 Part 1

Week 3 Part 1

BBs, this week starts out with everyone wondering where Riley and Maurissa are after they got back so late from their date! They’re in the Boom Boom Room people!!!

Chris (WHO???) and Chasen (ugh) arrive at the same time and have a double date card. They are already bros. They start chatting up the women then Chris chooses Jessenia and Chasen chooses Deandra for their double dates. The group goes to see an intimacy guru (which is quite forward for a first date ABC!!!). The men are told to blow air all over the ladies’ bodies and then they all act out positions from the Kama Sutra!!! I mean!!!

Mari tells Kenny she wants to be open to go out on dates. Kenny is not happy with this information. But then Demi pulls Kenny to talk and they make out. So don’t cry for Kenny, Argentina. Mari sees this and starts crying. She clearly wants to be able to make out with other people, but not let Kenny do the same!

Connor and Tahz are chatting when T tells Connor that Maurissa and Riley slept in the BBR last night! Poor Connor is devastated!!!

Natasha is frustrated that Brendan hasn’t even kissed her yet and it’s been a week! Lance Bass tells Nat to make the first move so she gives Brendan a massage and Brendan kisses her! Yay!

Joe gets a date card and takes Serena. They go to this dark room where there’s a Fake Dinner set up inside a Lucha Libre wrestling ring! They chat about wanting to be exclusive and then they don Lucha Libre gear and wrestle and make out.

Jessenia comes back from her date with Chris and breaks up with Ivan. Big mistake Jess! HUGE!!! Karl asks Deandra to chat because he has something to give her. They sit down and IMMEDIATELY Chasen interrupts trying to pull Deandra away. SO rude!!! Over and Over Chasen keeps showing up and lingering and poor Karl is just trying to give her this bracelet. So sad. In the end she walks away with Chasen.

Later there’s a bonfire and everyone is sitting around chatting. Demi brings out a birthday cake for Kenny and everyone sings. Then Demi takes Kenny up to a shelter where she’s hung a pinata and a Happy birthday sign for him. The pinata is full of condoms, natch. They make out some more. Mari gets ENRAGED and throws the cake into the bonfire! Mari confronts Demi, then Kenny, yet she still can’t see how this was of her own making!

Meanwhile, Thomas is putting the moves on Tammy. He says he wants to kiss her so she literally kisses him then straddles him on this daybed!!! Poor Aaron is watching the whole thing.

Demi takes Kenny to the BBR.

The next day is the Rose Ceremony. Women have the roses and 4 men are leaving.
During the cocktail party portion Aaron and Thomas are arguing on the beach.

And that’s where we leave off until tomorrow BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 Part 2

Week 2 Part 2! This week the ladies have the roses.

Lance Bass arrives to host this week. He sits down with the girls over mimosas.

Thomas arrives. UGH. He gets a date card from Lance. Thomas is a pretty man, though, but what a snake!!!

Thomas greets everyone but NONE of the guys from his season say a word. You can cut the tension with a knife! Thomas chats up the women and constantly talks about how big he is and his height and how he’s just a big teddy bear. Over and over. WE GET IT. You’re tall!!!

Thomas asks Serena on his date. She accepts, but goes and tells Joe about it before she leaves. Joe is so bummed.

Serena and Thomas go play on water toys and kiss. Serena is talking about how gorgeous Thomas is.

Meanwhile Riley arrives. Tahzjuan is ALL aflutter over him. Girl does NOT know how to act! It’s hilarious!!! Riley chats up all the women. Tahzjuan is really wanting to go on the date. But Riley chooses Maurissa for the date. Connor says he’s not worried, but he sure looks worried.

Thomas and Serena are on a beach picnic. She asks why all the guys hate him. Thomas is pretty honest about it, but he looks ridiculous in his tiny peach shorts. They go back to the resort and Serena seeks out Joe to talk. She tells Joe that she told Thomas that he needs to pursue other women. YAY!!!

Then Aaron, Tre, James, and Karl sit down to talk with Thomas. Thomas apologizes to all the guys and he’s sounds really sincere. I don’t buy it though. Because he spent some time on his date trashing Tre!!!

Serena tells the girls about Thomas talking about Tre so Tahzjuan sets off to find Tre and let him know. Thomas said Tre is emotionally immature. Not nice. So Tre goes and tells Thomas that they are no longer speaking.

Maurissa comes out ready for her date with Riley all dolled up. Connor keeps saying he’s ok but he looks seriously worried now. Riley and Maurissa go to a cafe where Lance Bass is waiting. There’s all this disgusting “food” like nose and feet and tongue. They have to answer a question from Lance or eat the nasty stuff. They play along and end up making out.

Back at the resort, Tahz decides to give it a go with Tre even though she was seriously crushing on Riley.

Natasha feels like something is missing with Brendan. There’s no chemistry.

At Fake Dinner, Riley and Maurissa are talking about how she REALLY needs reassurance & Riley says he can provide that.

Back at the resort, poor Connor is waiting up for Maurissa. But she comes back with Riley and they go to the Boom Boom Room!!! Poor, poor Connor.

Until next week my BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 Part 1

Welcome to Week 2 Part 1 BBs!!! First of all, the Almost Paradise theme song is back! Wooo!!!

Demi arrives chock full of confidence and gets a date card from David Spade. She chats up some of the guys and makes a big splash on the beach with her arrival. Demi asks Brendan on her date and he accepts. Natasha is BUMMED!!! Demi and Brendan go ride jet skis and appear to have a bunch of fun! They sit on the beach to talk and make out. Immediately after they kiss, Brendan tells Demi he wants to talk to other girls & “we’ll see if our paths cross again”. Demi is super bummed feeling rejected by Brendan! Her anger is brewing!

Back at the resort, rumors are FLYING that Brendan is actually in a relationship with Pieper!!!

Victoria P is chatting with James but can’t remember his name and keeps referring to him as Jordan. COME ON VP- it’s not a hard name to remember!!!

Karl brings in a date card for Jessenia, who asks Ivan to go. At their Fake Dinner they are getting along so well and bond over talking about race. I love that even on a frivolous show like BiP, ABC doesn’t cut out the deeper conversations. Ivan tells Jessenia his rose is for her. They are too cute!!!

Demi comes back to the resort PISSED & in short order finds out about the Pieper rumor.

Brendan walks in after Demi (which was weird. Plus it’s night now, what have they been doing???) and sits down next to her. Brendan says there’s no relationship with Pieper. Interesting….. the whole beach is buzzing about the triangle.

Natasha pulls Brendan for a chat. Brendan says he has the strongest connection with Natasha. Brendan & Natasha go walking down the beach in front of Demi. Demi is in tears (of frustration more than anything else I bet) because she’s in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Tammy is saying that Victoria P is manipulative AND that she has a boyfriend back home!!!

Next Day-

It’s the first Rose Ceremony tonight and with the addition of Demi, there are 4 women going home.

Serena C (when did she even get here??) goes and kisses Aaron, who’s been canoodling with Tammy. This doesn’t sit well with Tammy so she goes and jumps on top of Aaron and they make out.

Tahzjuan gets all upset when she sees Victoria L (the goddess) talking to Tre so she confronts her about it. This sends Victoria over the edge and now she’s crying.

Tammy tells James that Victoria P has a country singer boyfriend back home. James then asks Kelsey about the boyfriend because Kels lives in Nashville like VP. James confronts VP who is BIG TIME defensive and talking in circles. Then VP goes and confronts Tammy & Kelsey about it but won’t let T or K talk. VP then tells James goodbye and leaves Paradise. She admits in the car that she has love at home. She’s acting like she got one over on everyone. Weird.

Now Demi and Kels are battling for James’ rose.

Rose Ceremony

Since VP left, 3 women are going home. Wells officiates.

Ivan gives his rose to Jessenia

Noah to Abigail

Joe to Serena P

Connor to Maurissa

Tre to Tahzjuan

Karl to Deandra

Brendan (who’s sporting a short sleeve dark mustard colored mock turtleneck in Mexico in the summer heat!!!) to Natasha

Aaron to Tammy

Kenny to Mari

Then, just as James gets called up to hand out his rose, Kelsey is a sweaty mess and she’s fanning herself and saying she may pass out. They get her a cool towel and some water and she feels better in a few. Demi feels like it’s a ploy to get James to notice Kels. Who knows???

James to Demi (sorry Kels! )

Going home- Victoria L the goddess, Serena C, and Kelsey.

See you BBs back here in a mere 24 hours!!!
xo 🌹

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Premiere

BBs!!! It’s time for my favorite guilty pleasure, I mean, show of the Bachelor franchise- Bachelor in Paradise! Or BIP, if you will. It’s the season 7 premiere and in place of Chris Harrison, we have David Spade as our host! My only complaint so far- where is the Almost Paradise theme song?!?! It was so perfectly cheesy!!!

Let’s get into the cast for this season:



Karl (UGH)

Serena P




Victoria (was Queen, now self proclaimed Goddess)


Kenny (40 years old, arrives nakey as a jay bird!)

Kelsey (the girl who sprayed champagne all up her nose and over her face on Peter’s season)

Connor B (Cat man)


Grocery Store Joe (💜)

Abigail (first deaf Bachelor contestant. Too sweet for BIP)







Wells Adams (the bartender)

Immediately, Joe is having second thoughts about being here. After everyone arrives and starts drinking, David gathers everyone and has Wells explain the rules. There are 10 guys and 12 girls this week and the guys have the roses. You must be in a “relationship” by the rose ceremony or you get sent home.

That night Abigail gets the first date card. Yay! She takes Noah (who’s thankfully shaved his pornstache!!!) and they go to Fake Dinner in a place that’s surrounded by tons of pinatas. Abigail warns Noah she likes to move slow. Good luck with that in Paradise, girl! But Noah moves in for a kiss and they make out. So much for moving slow!

David checks in with Wells and finds out that that night sees the most makeouts of any season’s first night! Who’s kissing who?

Connor & Maurissa

Mari & Kenny

Aaron & Tammy

Tahzjuan & Tre

Abigail & Noah

Joe & Serena

They all think they got the first kisses in paradise! Ha! Sidebar, Tahzjuan actually went out on a date with Tre’s uncle and kissed him! SO weird!!!

The next morning Demi arrives (love Demi!!!) with a date card. But we’ll have to see who she takes on the date next week because that’s it for this episode!!!
xo 🌹