Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Day 9- Odds & Ends, Breakfast & Dentures

Before we get to debarkation there are a couple areas of the ship I haven’t shown you yet.  Well, there are MANY areas of the ship you still haven’t seen but a week just isn’t enough time.  We still haven’t toured the kids’ clubs among other things, but there’s always next time!

Up at the very top of the ship is Goofy’s Sports Deck.  Want to play basketball?  Check! DSC_5807 Foosball?  Ok! DSC_5824 There is the CUTEST mini golf DSC_5813 at sea DSC_5816 you’ll ever see! DSC_5821DSC_5828  And great views of the poolsDSC_5779 (that poor squeegie guy.  All day long, back and forth he goes, his job NEVER ends!) and DSC_5818AquaDuck. DSC_5777  Plus there is a little water play area called Aqua Lab. DSC_5835 Very cute. DSC_5830  Cute clock up on the sports deck. DSC_5825


There’s a cool little bonus pool DSC_5757 you can dip your toes in if the other pools are too busy.  The adult pool is really neat with its cool water misterDSC_5761 and in pool bar

DSC_5767and different levels. DSC_5760



There are 2 theatres on the ship.  The Walt Disney Theatre where all the live shows are performed and the Buena Vista Theatre DSC_6081where they show movies. DSC_6080



Some random tips:

In every stateroom there is a safe.  I forgot to take a picture of it but to give you an idea how big it is, it held both our wallets, and my Nikon DSLR with attached lens and flash.  There was plenty of room to spare.  So if you bring an iPad or something along those lines, you have a safe place to store it.

In your room you will also find a mini fridge.  Not a beverage cooler like on the Magic and the Wonder, but a full on mini fridge.  You don’t need extra ice to cool down your drinks.

If you worry about getting sick while on a cruise this will make you feel better.  At every dining room before each meal there is someone there handing out antibacterial hand wipes.

We woke up early on Saturday, got dressed and had our Farewell Breakfast in the Enchanted Garden. IMG_3384  It was bittersweet.  We could have easily stayed another week but we were missing our pugs and family and friends.  After breakfast we collected our carry ons and made our way to the gangway to wait in the customs line. IMG_3386 We found our luggage easily, went through customs, and next thing you know we were in the parking lot!

The drive home was mostly uneventful.  Except…we stopped at McDonald’s somewhere along the way to go to the restroom.  I was waiting for the lady in front of me to finish with the sink.  She finally turned and looked at me while popping her dentures back in her mouth.  She had been cleaning them out in the sink.  I stepped up to the sink and about gagged because the sink was full of dirty denture water and bits of denture food!  GAG!!!

I’m so sad this trip blog is over.  Because that means our cruise is officially over.  SOB!  Luckily we’re already planning our next cruise!  Stay tuned!


Disney Fantasy Western Caribbean Day 8- Beer from around the world and our final dinner

After CSP’s wild ride on the AquaDuck we changed clothes back in our stateroom.  Snapped a quick pic of our view of Castaway Cay from our verandah. IMG_3375 Such gorgeous water!

We went to O’Gills pub on deck 4.  CSP had a ticket for a beer tasting.  I do not enjoy beer so tasting 5 of them does not sound like fun for me.  So I was just there as the photographer.  I was surprised at how many people were there considering we were still docked at Castaway Cay.  O’Gills is a very cool Irish pub. IMG_3378 I loved the little area where we sat for the tasting.IMG_3379  The bartender told us all about the history of beer as well as interesting facts about each beer they tasted. IMG_3377 Their beers went from light to dark.IMG_3380 Five 10 ounce beers for $15 is a great deal!  Plus you learn stuff.  Well, if you can remember it after drinking 5 beers in an hour!   He had Stella Artois, Sam Adams, Boddington’s Cream, Newcastle Brown, and Guiness. We really liked the peanut dispenser dishes they had in the pub. IMG_3381 No grubby fingers digging around for nuts.  It’s a French company who makes it though- Revol.  I’m on a mission to find these in the States.  So far I’ve only found a UK site that sells them for a reasonable price.

After the beer tasting we went back to the room and….sob…packed.

Then it was time for our last dinner of the cruise.  Back in the Enchanted Garden. By now our sunburns had really set in!  Check out CSP’s red face! DSC_6055  And my pitiful farmer’s burn! DSC_6056 Thank goodness I use good makeup so I could tone down my red lobstah forehead!

For his appetizers CSP chose the Trio of SalmonDSC_6061, and the sesame encrusted tunaDSC_6062.  I had a potato and goat cheese Napoleon. DSC_6060  We both chose Potato Leek soup but CSP also had the lobster bisque.  I think he was taking advantage of being able to order a million things for dinner one last time!  I had a cranberry salad.  Yum!

For our entrees CSP chose the Beef Wellington. DSC_6063 I chose the seafood linguini.  DSC_6064  I can’t shells in my food so CSP had Beef Wellington and clams plus asparagus! lol

CSP picked the dessert trio- Celebration Cake, chocolate decadence, and a cappuccino mousse tartlet DSC_6065 and I had the Celebration cake. DSC_6066

After dinner we went back to our room and found our last (sob) towel animal of the cruise. DSC_6067 A stingray!  CSP surprised me by bringing out the towel monkey!  He had been saving him in the closet. DSC_6068

If you’re wondering how I remember the names of all our dishes and all the details of our trip (especially after the Mixology class and wine in my cabin) I take notes.  I went to the Dollar Store and bought a multi pack of these tiny notebooks. photo  I slipped one in my wristlet (one just like this one) images-1with a pen and at every meal I would just jot down what we ordered.  I would take a few minuted throughout the day to write down things we did and saw.  My friend Lisa has a mind like a steel trap and can write up a trip blog 6 months later without missing a detail!  Me- I need help!  Hence the notebook.

But wait!  There’s more!

Next up…Pictures of the ship and Debarkation Day