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I know I’m a walking commercial, but this is seriously good stuff and sharing is caring

If you own a BlackBerry or iPhone you need to get this app. I downloaded it the other day and it has already earned a spot on my first page of apps. What it does is lets you message between other iPhone or bberry users. Kind of like texting and/or instant messaging. But free. And you don’t need to set up a buddy list or log in. The app can tell if your friend has the app (as long as you have their phone number in your contact list/address book). Then pick the person you want to message and you’re good to go. It does push notices and landscape typing. Mainly it saves you $$ on texting! Love it!
I got I the other day and it was free but now it’s 99 cents in the App Store. It will be well worth your dollar. If you get it let me know and we’ll chat!