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There’s one main road that leads into Valle Crucis. While we’re in the mountains we drive back and forth on this road constantly. It’s the only way into town (Boone). While we were there this last time I noticed a donkey in a fenced off area on the side of the road. Donkey! in Valle Crucis, NC I LOVE donkeys. LOVE. I want a mini donkey so badly. Anyway, each time we’d pass the donkey I’d want to stop to pet it and photograph it but it was raining. I made sure to remind CSP each day that we’d have to try and work in some donkey time if we drove past his enclosure.
After we took the pugs to the park we drove down to see if the donkey was out. And there he was! I was so excited! I got out of the car, got my camera ready and headed over to see him. But first I stopped to take a picture of a flower. This flower reminds me of fireworks All the sudden I heard CSP yell out the window (he stayed in the car because once again, he was convinced I was trespassing. I have never been arrested, by the way.) “The donkey’s leaving!” OMG! NO!
So I take off chasing the donkey. There was a fenced in hallway type thing that led from the donkey’s roadside enclosure to a big field behind the barn. I knew if I didn’t get to him before the field I wouldn’t be able to pet him or photograph him. So I started yelling “DONKEY!” you know, to get him to stop. He went faster! I kept calling for him and running after him around the barnish building looking thing. At this point I think I was on private property but I didn’t have time to check.
I made it to the fence where the pasture started and the donkey finally decided to humor me and come over for some petting and pictures. Donkey! in Valle Crucis, NC He was so sweet! I had to be careful of the electric fence, and I noticed a deck, sliding glass door and some furniture on the other side of the glass. I snapped my pics Donkey! in Valle Crucis, NC and headed back to the car to find CSP laughing hysterically at me. He said “I’ve never seen a jackass chasing a donkey!”
Apparently the deck & glass door go to part of a bed and breakfast. Some poor tourists were probably trying to get a nice nap in and here comes this crazy woman yelling DONKEY! right outside their door. Oops. Welcome to North Carolina!

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The Cruelest Show on Earth

You all know I’m an animal lover.  My love for animals goes way beyond my 3 pugs.  I was recently heartbroken when I saw a video made this year at Ringling Brothers Circus.  I’ve never been a fan of the circus and I’ve long known that they abuse SayNoElephantanimals, but to see that STILL, in 2009, that they haven’t cleaned up their act just sickens me. PLEASE do not support ANY animal circus.   Now, the circus says that PETA is just a wacky, out of control group, but hey, video doesn’t lie.  Need proof of what’s going on?

Click here and watch the video I saw recently.

Click here to read accounts of abuse straight from the mouths of Ringling employees.

Please tell your friends and family members about what’s going on in the circus.  Show them the pictures and the videos.  Animals can’t ask for help.  We have to step up for them.