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Bachelor Week 9

BBs! It’s Week 9- Women Tell All!!! One of my historically favorite episodes! Let’s get into it!

Victoria does not disappoint with her outrageous outfit choice. Tonight’s choice: a light blue sequined pantsuit, but instead of a shirt it’s a bra. Keeping it klassy and staying on brand!

So I see the ladies have not learned a thing from their time on the show. As soon as it’s possible they all dog pile on Katie again! Claiming that Katie made the house toxic by reporting the toxic situation to Matt. Ummmm WHAT?!?! Just proves mean girls hate a snitch worse than a mean girl bully!!!

They show some footage from parts of dates that didn’t air and it’s mostly fear factor stuff. Gorging on pancakes then beer, sticking their hands in boxes of bugs, etc. Nothing thrilling!

Brittany goes up to the hot seat and Chris Harrison brings up the high end escort rumor, of course. Poor Britt. That ruined her whole experience and practically her whole life! Anna apologizes but with a caveat- she still claims she heard Britt was an escort so like, sorry I said it, but I heard it! And Chicago is a small town! WHAT?!? NO it isn’t. Chicago has millions of people living there! What a lame apology. Brittany accepts Anna’s apology because she’s a better woman than I! I mean, Britt will have to deal with this the rest of her life! If you google her now it’s all over Google! Words Matter People!!!

Katie gets put in the hot seat and the pattern of let’s watch your time on the show, then your heartbreak, then you crying now, begins. Nothing exciting comes of this. I still feel sorry for Katie.

Abigail is up next and it’s the same as above. I love Abigail and am so glad she is getting so much support from the Deaf community! She’s too pure for this world!

Pieper follows Abigail and it’s lather, rinse, repeat. Pieper is looking so cute tonight!

Serena P is up next and it’s the same thing except Serena sent Matt on his own tearful limo ride!

Finally Matt comes out and he’s sporting a pandemic beard of huge proportions! It SCREAMS I’m single!!! Cause what woman would allow her man to run around on tv with that wooly booger beard?!?! They talk about how Matt kisses with his eyes open and show footage. I hope to never see that again! Close em Matt!!!

Bloopers are up next. I love a good blooper! And that’s it! All in all I found this episode rather boring and appalling. All the mean girls got away scott free without any consequences!!! Even VIctoria- the worst one- Matt said I know you have a good heart. COME ON!!! Why do we let people like that off the hook so easily?? Ok, end of rant. I’m curious to see who Matt picks! Until then my BBs!!! xo 🌹

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Bachelor Week 8

It’s Hometowns week BBs! I can’t wait to see what ABC cobbles together for this! It can’t be nearly as bad as what Tayshia & Co dealt with at La Quinta!

Michelle and Matt bike to an auditorium where her students are all on Zoom! It’s so cute! They ask a bunch of questions like “have you kissed” and “are you going to have babies?”. It’s v adorable! Matt’s pants are SO tight you can see his credit cards. It’s borderline profane! That night they meet up with Michelle’s parents and they are precious! Mom and Dad are super supportive and sweet and they must be protected at all costs.

Rachael takes Matt sky diving. How big is this Nemacolin property?!? Matt lands fine and then Rachael comes hurtling toward Earth at a frightening speed! She and her tandem instructor slam into the ground with Rachael hitting face first and her instructor landing on top of her! Matt runs over to her and your girl is picking grass out of her hair! She’s a little banged up, but ok overall. That night when Matt meets her parents and sister, Dad is v skeptical. They all are. But Rachael swears she loves Matt. In fact she really wants Matt to ask Dad for his blessing. That doesn’t happen.

Matt and Bri go off roading in a Jeep for the day portion of their date. That night, Matt meets Bri’s mom, BFF who’s also named Bri, and Bri’s tiny baby (like newborn) sister! Bri’s mom is so young and gorgeous! Mom’s already preparing for heartbreak though! Bri tells Matt she’s falling in love with him.

Serena P
For the day portion of their date Serena teaches Matt all about Canada and makes him eat cold, congealed poutine. They play ice hockey. Later, Matt meets Serena’s mom, dad, and sister. Serena has big, big doubts about Matt and her family spots these doubts right away.
The next day Matt talks to Chris Harrison, who tells Matt he needs to sort things out with Serena. So Matt goes to Serena’s room to talk. Serena tells Matt he is not her person and goes home. Matt actually seems pretty broken up about this. The most emotion I’ve seen him show since Tyler came to visit!

Rose Ceremony
Since Serena left, no one else is eliminated. Michelle gets the first rose and Bri gets the last (which worries her).
Next week is Women Tell All and with how nasty all the ladies have been this season, it’s sure to be packed full of drama!!!Until then BBs! xo🌹

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Bachelor Week 7

Welcome to week 7 of the train wreck that is The Bachelor!!! Let me start by saying I’m not going to address the racist mess that’s going on with Bachelor Nation here. You can read all about it if you Google anything to do with the Bachelor. Now, on with the show!

This week picks up with Heather’s entrance. She talks with Matt then joins the other girls. The other girls POUNCE on her!!! Guess they forgot all the “bullying” they were preaching about last week!!! Heather eventually starts crying and walks away. Meanwhile, Matt is outside thinking and speaking with Chris Harrison. Matt goes back in to talk to Heather and tells her she can’t stay and walks her out to her minivan. Heather is crying real tears over this and I’m like girl you spent all of 20 minutes with the dude. You’ll be fine!

Matt walks back in and apologizes to the women and commends them on their behavior! WHAT??? Clearly he has no knowledge of the brutal verbal lashing these women gave Heather a mere 10 minutes ago!!! Talk about toxic!!!

Rose Ceremony

Going home, Chelsea (😭) and Serena C (YAY!!!). Finally the last of the mean girls is gone!!!

The next day the girls are all waiting to see who gets the first 1-1. At this point Jessenia and Abigail STILL haven’t had 1-1s. I don’t think Jessenia has much of a connection with Matt but Abigail got the first impression rose!

Serena P gets ANOTHER 1-1!!!! They go to do tantric yoga. Good gravy this is uncomfortable to watch! First you have this giant man Matt in cropped leggings and then you have self proclaimed hater of PDA, Serena, being forced to rub all over Matt. Cringe. Serena is NOT into it. Also, she mentions she is not quick to love. Then WHY are you on a show where speed is a requirement???

At Fake Dinner, Matt says he loves how honest Serena is about hating the date, then gives her the rose. So Serena is definitely going to hometowns.

Group Date

Ok, this is weird. There’s no actual activity. They just all sit around taking turns talking to Matt. Boring. BUT we learn that Bri quit her dream job to be there with Matt. BOY, you better marry this girl!!! It’s a pandemic! Jobs are hard to come by to say the least!

When it’s Abigail’s turn to chat, Matt tells her he was so comfortable in their relationship that he explored other relationships. WHAT???? Men are straight trash. So he lets her go and walks her out. Abigail, you are too pure for this world and you deserved better!!!

Rachel gets the group date rose and Matt walks her out of the room and to one of those Bachelor special private concerts where they make out in front of a musician.

After the group date is over, Kit goes to Matt’s villa and tells him she doesn’t know if he’s the one and since hometowns are next week, she should know by now. So she goes home. Good on you Kit! You are too young to be on this show and getting married anyway!!!

Jessenia’s 1-1

Ok, so it’s the week before hometowns. This is your last chance before meeting the fam that you have to get to know this woman. So naturally you spend the afternoon drifting around a race track/parking lot in a muscle car. Loads of opportunities for deep conversation there!

Later at Fake Dinner, Jessenia tells Matt she’s falling in love with him. Matt picks up the rose and dangles it in front of her like a carrot and tells her he can’t give her the rose. SAVAGE.

Rose Ceremony

Going home: PIEPer. OMG! I’m shocked! PIEper is so angry she doesn’t say a word as he walks her out.

Can’t wait to see how ABC cobbles together hometowns next week. At least they aren’t all at the La Quinta!!!
Until then my BBs! xo🌹

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The Bachelor Week 6

Here we are at week 6 my BBs and what have we learned?? Matt, our bachelor, has the personality of a tortilla. And the girls who are vying for his attention are MEAN!!!

We pick up at the 2-1 with Jessenia (who I honestly don’t even remember being on this show) and mean girl MJ. Matt arrives and speaks with Jessenia first then MJ. MJ to Matt- My heart is so big. Peace and harmony!!! Jessenia to MJ- Listen MEREDITH. OOOOOH Jess brought out the proper first name!!! Matt sends MJ home with a sigh. I have the subtitles on for this show and it says “SIGH” under Matt a LOT. 😂

After the emotionally draining task of sending MJ home, Matt cancels the cocktail party and you’d think he’d killed a puppy with the way the girls are moaning and griping!!! Get it together!!! They skip right to the Rose Ceremony. Going home: Ryan (who’s sobbing is starting to make me feel uncomfortable- you’ve only been there like 2 weeks), Magi, and Brittany.

The next day Serena C decides she wants to argue with Katie about her “antics” stealing time from Serena and Matt. All because Katie brought up the toxicity in the house to Matt. Me thinks she protests too much Serena C! Sounds like you’re one of the mean girls Serena!! Serena and Katie scream at each other for a while and get no where.

Meanwhile, Miss Never Been Kissed Heather Martin from Colton’s season arrives. WHAT?!? She’s hell bent on meeting Matt because Hannah Brown told her they’d be a good match. Do people just not follow the rules anymore??? It’s a flipping free for all this season!!! Chris Harrison lets her come in and test and quarantine. I give up!

Pieper’s (no offense PIEper but I’m mad at your mom for that unnecessary E in your name) 1-1

Matt drives PIE out to the woods and makes her walk in the dark for a while until they come to a big switch. PIE flips the switch and a carnival lights up! Complete with rides and all! V cute.

At Fake Dinner PIE reveals that her parents don’t say I love you and that’s been hard. She then tells Matt she’s falling in love with him and he gives her the rose. They then go to one of those private concerts and slow dance and make out in front of a singing trio who’s desperately trying not to look at Matt and PIE. It’s just awkward.

Group Date

Bowling! I mean. This place has it over the La Quinta when it comes to activities! No interns scrambling to come up with another way to use the meeting room here! CH comes in and tells the girls it’s a competition, of course. The winners get an after party. The pink team wins and the blue team heads back to the house.

After Party

Matt feels bad and invites the blue team to the after party. The Pink team is not happy. Michelle gets the rose.

The next day Matt plays a little pool with Tyler and gets a pep talk from him. Which is weird because Tyler didn’t end up with his bachelorette. Again, no rules apply this season!

Katie’s 1-1

Katie and Matt (who’s in yet ANOTHER turtleneck!!! What’s he hiding under all that fabric?? Has no one told him about a crew neck? Hell, I’d even take a v neck at this point!) meet up at the spa. I’m thinking oooh a nice romantic couples massage! But no, Tyler is getting the massage and Katie and Matt are telling Ty’s masseuse what to do to prank Ty. It’s kinda funny but puts Katie smack dab in the middle of the friend zone if you ask me.

Fake Dinner

Katie arrives wearing a PUFFER coat on top of a banker’s ensemble. Katie, sweetie, can you TRY to look like you want him to be your boyfriend and not your business partner in an Amway scheme? Oy. So Katie’s talking about her love story and how she wants it to be his love story and Matt’s just sitting there all stone faced. Sure enough he sends her home. Womp womp.

Cocktail Party

It’s the next night and Matt’s chatting up some of the women when Heather pulls up in her minivan dressed for her own premature wedding. She walks in, smiles at the gathered women, and bee lines it to Matt. She interrupts Matt and PIE (who leaves in stunned silence). Matt and Heather hug and is it just me or is Matt extra handsy for a guy who’s JUST now meeting this girl??

PIE walks back out to the group and she is PISSED. All the girls are SHOOKETH!!!

And that’s it for this week my BBs! Until next week! xo 🌹

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Bachelor Week 5

Welcome, my BBs, to Week 5 of the Bachelor where we explore the lengths 20 millennial women will go to to earn the affections of a guy who kisses with his eyes open!!!

We jump in at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. If you remember, last week Katie told Matt about the toxicity in the house and how horrible, life ruining rumors were being spread. So Matt addresses the group and tells them he knows what’s going on in the house and it has to stop. He pulls Brittany aside to chat first and learns that Anna has been telling people Brittany is a sex worker. Next Matt chats with Anna and sends her home! Yay! Well, would you look at that, it’s the consequences of my actions!!! I love to see it!!!

Meanwhile, back in the group, the OG girls are falling all over themselves apologizing to the new girls.
Victoria is wearing yet another odd dress. Her boobs are smashed into this loooooow cut bronze dress that has 2 HIGH slits and she basically looks naked. Vic pulls Matt to talk. During their chat Matt lets it slip that it was Katie who came to him last night. Matt leaves Vic sitting there.

Chris Harrison comes in and announces the cocktail party is over.

Rose Ceremony

Brittany and Ryan get the first 2 roses and that sends a message to the OG girls that Matt likes the new ladies. Serena C gets the final rose. Going home: Mari, Lauren, Miss Puerto Rico, and ……VICTORIA!!! Girl, you lost your king! Victoria does not go quietly into that good night either. She hides behind the other girls until the end and then yells at Matt that she feels sorry for him. She walks out with no hug. In her exit interview she goes on and on about how she will be missed and how she brings so much joy to the house. Um, ok.

Rachael’s 1-1

Rachael gets the coveted shopping spree 1-1!!!! Matt is wearing another turtleneck. Rachael ends up with bags upon bags of fancy dresses AND a pair of red bottoms! Yep, your girl has a pair of Louboutins!!! When she returns to the group an evening gown gets delivered to her. Ooh la la sassoon!!!

Fake Dinner

Rachael says she’s falling in love with Matt and Matt says the same. Rachael is looking gorgeous in her new dress! She’s one of my favorites so I’m glad she got this date. She gets the rose.

Group Date

Matt, wearing yet ANOTHER turtleneck, takes the ladies down to a farm to do random and various farm chores and challenges. Not much happens except a lot of the girls are starting to have issues with him dating other women. I mean, you’ve seen the show, right??

After Party

Things are going per usual until Matt tells MJ that her name was brought up in the toxic house talks. MJ assures Matt that she’s all peace and harmony. MJ goes back to the group and immediately confronts the other girls. Jessenia says it was she who named MJ. MJ turns mean. Like watch your back, girl’s got a shiv, mean. States she’s owed an apology. I love how all these girls are doing all this petty stuff and saying terrible things but when they get called out the focus immediately shifts to “Who told?” Not the point ladies!!!! Abigail gets the group rose.

Kit’s 1-1

Kit goes to Matt’s villa and they bake cookies. She complains about how her life has been all red carpets and gold Bentleys and she just wants the little things. Turns out Kit’s mom is designer Cynthia Rowley!!! And Kit is only 21!!! WOW do I feel old now!!! Kit gets the rose.

The next day all the girls are gathered and a note is delivered from Matt. “MJ & Jessenia, I need to know the truth”. So now MJ and Jessenia are going to have a mini 2-1 before the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Little Miss Peace and Harmony (with her killer hair) says “Y’all wanna see me fight? Get your popcorn!” YIKES. Girl will CUT you!!!

And that’s it for this week! Next week Tyler comes to visit! Until then, my Bbs! xo 🌹

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Bachelor Week 4

Week 4 picks up dealing with the aftermath of Sarah’s departure. The remaining girls, and especially Vic are trash talking Sarah. Katie steps in and tells Vic to stop the bad mouthing and Vic straight up says No I will do whatever the fork I want. UGH. I loathe Victoria. She’s clearly only here for drama and the producers are keeping her around. Vomit.

So we have to finish up a group date. Chelsea (who I really like) is trying to talk about her hair and the impact it has in a white world, but all Matt’s trying to do is make out. At least he has the decency to give Chelsea the group date rose.

Rose Ceremony and Cocktail Party

Vic shows up to the cocktail party looking like a drunk raccoon again. But this time she’s sporting a (hopefully faux) GIANT fur coat. I mean, I get it’s chilly up there in PA but you’re indoors! Vic is talking to Matt when Chris Harrison interrupts them (HA!!!) and takes Matt to the front of the resort at the end of the red carpet. All the girls notice this and are speculating that Sarah’s back. But no! It’s 5 new women! WHY??? Why add 5 new women to the pot when there are still 18 left and NO ONE is getting time with Matt because of drama?!?

The new ladies are:

Brittany, 23, model. The moment she walks up to Matt she shoves her tongue down his throat!!!

Michelle, 27, teacher.

Ryan, 26, Dancer/Choreographer.

Kim, 28, ICU nurse.

Catalina, 29, Former Miss Puerto Rico.

Of course the OG women are PISSED at this new development! Like, FUMING. Catalina walks into the room where all the women are and Vic straight up snatches Catalina’s crown right off her head! RUDE. BTW, why does Anna always look like she’s smelling rotted squirrel??

Rose Ceremony

Vic gets a rose and it’s not even the last one! Matt always looks so pained when he has to give Vic a rose! Going home are Khaylah (boooo- love her!!!), Kaili, and new girl Kim.

The next day Ben Higgins arrives to give Matt advice. WHY??? Ben is not a success story on the Bachelor! I mean, he’s engaged now but he slid into his fiancee’s DMs. Whatever.

Group Date

The girls will have to go through an Autumn themed obstacle course complete with rowing across a lake in a giant pumpkin, donning a squirrel suit to hunt for “acorns” in a leaf pile, and a foot race. Poor Magi gets stuck in out on the lake until the whole thing is over. Mari wins and she’s supposed to get a great prize but I never see what that is!

After Party

Anna and Matt are talking for literally 3 minutes when Brittany interrupts. This does not sit well with Anna. Nothing else of note happens during the after party, and Bri gets the rose. After Matt leaves Anna decides to ask Brittany in front of the group, and all of America, if Brittany is an escort!!! Anna swears people in Chicago told her to watch out for Brittany and that Britt entertains men for money. This rumor doesn’t appear to hold any water and Britt denies it right away.

Michelle’s 1-1

Michelle and Matt are tasked to complete an extreme scavenger hunt where they zip line and ride in a tethered hot air balloon. The most fun part of this date is watching the balloon operator (I’m guessing) scrunch himself down in the basket so as to not be in the make out shot!!!

Fake Dinner

Michelle quotes Maya Angelou and Matt picks up on it right away. Good thing because it seemed like Michelle was going to try and claim that quote as her own. She gets the rose.

Group Date

CH & Wells (!!! LOVE HIM) are there and they announce they will be overseeing a boxing match between the girls on the group date while the other girls of the house watch in a mix of horror and delight. The women go THUNDER DOME on each other!!! There’s more bloodlust in this boxing ring than in an MMA cage on a Saturday night! Matt finally stops the beatings and they all move on to the after party.

After Party

Our boy Matt LOVES to rock a mock. Turtleneck, that is! All the OG girls are being so mean to the new girls and Katie is trying to stand up for the newbies but the OGs are NOT having it. So Katie tells Matt about the bullying and name calling. She is v mature about it and doesn’t name names, just tells him to address it.

And that’s it my BBs!!! Until next week!!! 🌹 xo

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Bachelor Week 3

Week 3-This week picks up at the last Rose Ceremony where Sarah just faux fainted. Matt takes her outside and her claims of not being able to see suddenly go away with his jacket on her shoulders and his tongue in her mouth!

The Rose Ceremony continues! Victoria gets the final rose AGAIN! And again Matt looks pained handing it to her. Come on producers, let him send her home! Vic straight up looks like she did the walk of shame off a 3 night bender to get to the rose ceremony! Going home: Marylynn, Alana (who??), Illeana, Kristin, and Sydney. Honestly, apart from Marylynn, who knew these ladies were even still here???

Before the night ends Vic sets her sights on Sarah as her new nemesis.

Group Date

The girls walk into a dark lounge area where Ashley I is reading from Chris Harrison’s erotic romance novel! Who knew CH was such a steamy writer??? So for today’s date all the girls have to write a scene from a romance novel about Matt and read it in front of a group.

Yes, it’s as awkward as you think. The girls read their scenes one by one and some of them have to get bleeped! Vic gets bleeped the most (of course)! The other girls from the house are in the audience and Sarah is having a really hard time wrapping her head around the fact that Matt is dating multiple people. HELLO??? Have you seen the show???

After party

Ok so last week one of you BBs told me Matt kisses with his eyes open. This week I paid attention and you’re right! WHAT is he looking at??? SO odd!!!

During the after party, Sulky Sarah leaves the house and crashes the group date! Matt is talking with Katie when Sarah interrupts. She says she has to talk to Matt about an urgent matter. Katie rejoins the group to give Sarah time. This news does NOT sit well with the rest of the girls on the group date. The urgent matter: Um, like, I don’t like you dating other women. This is hard for me. UGH!!! It’s hard for ALL the girls Sarah!

Katie goes back to Matt & Sarah and totally sits down on the sofa with them! SO FUNNY and YAY Katie!!! Sarah is all put out like she’s supposed to be there! UGH. Matt walks Sarah out. BTW, Vic is wearing another interesting dress. It’s all tan with ragged strips of fabric like Janna of the jungle.

Matt comes back from walking Sarah out and ENDS the group date! Even though he hasn’t spoken to more than half the women! They are NOT HAPPY. Rachael gets the group date rose.

Serena P’s 1-1

Matt comes to pick up Serena from the group and starts to apologize to the group about last night’s group date debacle. But then he notices Sulky Sarah isn’t there because she refuses to come out of her room. So instead of apologizing he GOES TO SARAH’S ROOM!!! Which just validates her behavior.

Finally he makes it back to the group and he and Serena leave for their date. They ride horses to a picnic. While making out, a donkey comes up to them. Then a few more donkeys come over! Serena is loving it, but Matt’s not thrilled. As a donkey lover myself, I think it’s super cute!!!

Fake Dinner

Serena says she’s falling in like with Matt. He gives her the rose and they get in a hot tub.

Back at the house, Sulky Sarah rejoins the group. She apologizes to Katie then the rest of the women but they are NOT having it. Vic especially is throwing out vicious verbal barbs at Sarah. Such a mean girl!

The next day Sarah is still in her room crying. Katie comes in and talks to her. Sarah says she’s going to leave and tells Katie about her dad’s ALS. Katie tells her she supports Sarah going home to be with her family. Katie then goes back to the group and updates them on Sarah’s situation and tells them all to keep it classy.

Sarah packs up and goes to Matt’s little house to tell him she’s leaving. But instead of citing her dad’s health as her reason to leave she tells him she’s been attacked by the cruel and malicious women of the house. He walks her out and she leaves in tears.

And that’s it until next week when apparently 5 new women show up for some reason and it brings loads of drama!!! Until then my BBs! 🌹xo

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Bachelor Week 2

Week 2! Finally we get to the dates and thanks to Victoria….the drama!!!

Bri gets the first 1-1 date and she is wearing a sleeveless turtleneck with another shirt tied over it diagonally, separating her boobs. It’s an odd styling choice, but I like Bri. She and Matt mount 4 wheelers and tool through the forest. At one point Bri gets on Matt’s 4 wheeler and he promptly wrecks it, throwing them both into the mud! Her poor hair!!! They ride to a hot tub in the middle of the woods and chat and make out.

Back at the house (resort), Victoria is NOT trying to make friends. She’s left to talk to producers because the other girls are quickly becoming tired of her!

Fake Dinner- Matt and Bri talk about how they grew up with absent fathers. Bri tells Matt her mom was just 13 years old when she was born. And now their relationship is strained because her mom is pregnant and starting a whole new family. Bri seems real and down to earth and gets the rose. They view some fireworks and make out.

At the house, the other girls are watching the fireworks too. Meanwhile Vic is making enemies. She decides she doesn’t want to room with Marylynn and would rather sleep on the sofa in the common area.

Group Date-

There are 18 (!!!) women on this date! 18!! How on earth is this supposed to work??? The women are told they are going to have a wedding day photo shoot (natch). Come on ABC, come up with some fresh date ideas please! So all the girls change into wedding dresses and stand in line to have their photos taken with Matt. While Mari is up for her turn, Vic interrupts her shoot and says it’s time for the Royal Wedding. UGH. She makes Matt take a garter off her leg and kiss her and his face is PRICELESS! He would clearly rather be anywhere else kissing his own brother than Victoria!!!

Thankfully Chris Harrison comes and interrupts saying now the girls will be playing Capture the Heart. A game with no real rules. Vic says “I think my team is a bunch of queens and their team is a bunch of GESTURES!” Bahahaha!!!! Girl, get your royal vocabulary in line!!!

The game is a free for all. Girls falling down, getting slapped in the face with paint laden strips of fabric, flowers, and purses. The ref is totally just napping! At some point CH announces the Red Team has won and the carnage is over. The gold team now has to walk home, but the red team gets to go to an after party with Matt.

At the after party, Vic is sitting down with Matt just saying the word like over and over. He finally interrupts to say “Can I walk you back upstairs?” I’m DYING! They weren’t even together long enough to get interrupted! Vic asks for a kiss and mauls his face with her mouth and I die a little inside.

Lauren gets the group date rose.

Sarah’s 1-1

The first part of their date is a ride in a US Mail open air biplane! They don’t even look strapped in!!! I was so anxious for them! They land and go to a picnic and fire in the woods. Matt asks about her family and Sarah doesn’t tell him about her dad’s sickness.

Fake Dinner

They are talking and Sarah decides to tell Matt all about her dad’s ALS and how she quit her job in TV news to move home to be a caretaker for him. My heart! I just can’t imagine. ALS is SO very devastating. Matt is equally touched and asks how he can be a better partner for her (!!!). Love that! She gets the rose and they kiss but I don’t feel any electricity between them.

Cocktail Party

Victoria is dressed in a poofy sleeve ruched number that totally looks like Strawberry Shortcake’s recycled bridesmaid dress!!! My eyes!!! And her black bra is hanging out the back! Girl is a hot mess. She’s wearing thick gold chains around her neck. Her eye makeup is all smeared and she looks at the beginning of the party like she’s been on a 3 day bender!

Marylynn tells Matt she’s been struggling with this process. GIRL. It is week 2. This is going to eat you alive. Matt gives Marylynn some orchids and she is beaming.

Vic talks to Matt next and tells him Marylynn caused her to sleep on the sofa! Lies!!! Matt now thinks Marylynn is a bully! He pulls Marylynn aside to talk and soft spoken M defends herself. Marylynn then tries to talk and smooth things over with Vic who is having none of it. “I don’t want to sit next to you”. M says “I think we can come to and understanding.” V: “I don’t care to.” NIIIIIICE. Meanwhile ALL the girls are mad that Vic started drama that robbed at least half of them of Matt time.

Rose Ceremony

Pieper gets the first rose. About 10 roses in to the ceremony Sarah stumbles off the stage and says she’s blacking out and can’t see and is seeing stars. Matt goes to her as does a medic.

And that’s it! To be continued…. Until next week BBs!!! 🌹 xo

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Bachelor Week 1- Matt James

The Bachelor, Week 1. I know it feels like I was JUST here talking about the Bachelorette 15 minutes ago, yet here we are with an all new Bachelor!

Matt James is the new Bachelor and he is a tall drink of water! 6’5″ to be exact. Matt is new to the Bachelor franchise. He’s from NC (represent!!!) although now he lives in NYC and works in real estate. Matt also works with kids. How exactly is he still single??? His dad is African-American and his mom is white. She visits him at his little house on the show and is it just me or does she look a LOT like Celine Dion??? My heart will go on!!!

Speaking of the show’s location this season, they are at the Chateau at Nemacolin resort in PA. Clearly the budget for the Bachelor is MUCH higher than the budget for the Bachelorette because this resort makes the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs look like a janky Motel 6 on the wide stretch of the highway!!!

So, we’re almost ready for Matt to meet the ladies but he asks Chris Harrison for some sit down advice time first. Matt’s height makes CH look like a wee elf!!! Matt says he’s never been in love and they talk about the significance of him being the first black Bachelor (ABOUT TIME!!!).

Limo entrances and first impressions-

1. Bri, 24, Communications Manager.

2. Racheal, 24, Graphic Designer. Stunning in her dark green dress!

3. Sarah, 24, Broadcast Journalist.

4. Jessenia, 27, Social Media Marketer.

5. Chelsea, 28, Runway Model. Wearing a V V strappy black dress and looking amazing! Even Matt says “she is WEARING that dress”.

6. Mari, 24, Marketing Director. Lots of marketing peeps tonight.

7. Magi, 32, Pharmacist from Ethiopia. STUNNING AND smart! Life is so unfair!!!

8. Carolyn, 30, Journalist.

9. Sydney, 28, Marketing Specialist.

10. Kristin, 27, Attorney.

11. Anna, 24, Copywriter. Gives Matt a cute Bachelor survival kit.

12. Khaylah, 28, Healthcare Advocate. Has too many Hs in her name. From NC (yay!). Pulls up in a vintage pick up truck. A stick shift at that! Kudos! And she’s drop dead gorgeous!

13. Serena C., 24, Flight Attendant.

14. Serena P., 22, Publicist. Brings with her a step stool since she’s just 5’2″. Cute!

15. Alicia, 24, Professional Ballerina.

16. Saneh, 25, IT Consultant. Wearing Goat shoes. Like cloven hoofed goat shoes.

17. Alana, 26, Photographer. Wearing the same red, strappy dress as Anna. Presents Matt with a bowl of spaghetti so they can have a Lady and the Tramp moment.

18. Kaili, 26, Hostess. Walks up in lingerie! Just an open robe, bra, panties, and stilettos! She’s pulling a garment rack with 2 dresses hanging on it. Asks Matt to pick her dress for the evening. She’s smoking hot and clearly confident!

19. Abigail, 25, Client Financial Manager. She was born deaf.

20. Corrinne, 22, Marketing Manager. See what I mean about all the marketing??

21. Marylynn, 28, Event Coordinator.

22. Emani, 25, Realtor.

23. Lauren, 23, Corporate Attorney.

24. Peiper, 23, Grad Student.

25. MJ, 23, Hair Stylist. Drives up in a beat up pizza delivery car. Gives Matt a pizza.

26. Katie, 29, Bank Marketing Manager. Brings a VIBRATOR with her. It lights up and buzzes. This girl is a whole vibe.

27. Amber, 30, Nursing Student. Rides up on tandem bicycle.

28. Kimberly, 28, Airline Recruiter. Inexplicably throws a GIANT fake fish at Matt.

29. Casandra, 25, Social Worker. Arrives wearing a football jersey with Mrs. James on the back.

30. Illeana, 25, Health Food Developer. Asks Matt “Can I put my balls in your mouth?”. Meatballs. GROAN.

31. Kit 21, Fashion Entrepreneur. Whatever that means. She’s wearing the only short dress of the evening.

32. Victoria, 27, Queen. UGH. She arrives by being carried by 4 men on a throne. Wearing a tiara, brought a crown for Matt.

I have to say, this is the most beautiful group of women I’ve ever seen! Most of the dresses are gorgeous too.
The women are all gathered when Matt arrives. He LEADS THEM IN PRAYER!!!! Then he gives a wee speech. You can tell he’s nervous.

The cocktail party is pretty standard and uneventful. Until Mari and Matt are talking about how she’s from Puerto Rico. Matt asks some empathetic questions about her family and all of the natural disasters there. JUST as Mari is about to respond, Katie TAPS HER ON THE SHOULDER with that vibrator!!!! GAG!!!! In the age of Covid you’d think people would be more sanitary!!!

Then Kit has JUST sat down to talk with Matt when Victoria walks up and says “Excuse me princess, but the queen is here.” GROAN. I already loathe this girl. And it’s not because she’s clearly drunk.

CH brings in the First Impression rose and all the girls go wild with speculation.

Victoria interrupts yet another girl to talk to Matt a second time. This does not go over well with the other ladies, especially because almost half of them have yet to talk to him!

Matt and Abigail are talking and I already love her. She’s got a personality! And she’s not ashamed of the fact that she’s deaf. Then….Matt kisses her! Yay!!! He comes back a few moments later and gives her the 1st Impression Rose. Yay some more!!!

Rose Ceremony-

Bri gets the first rose. Victoria gets the last rose and it’s CLEAR that she’s a producer save because Matt does not look happy handing her that rose.

Going home: Alicia, Amber, Carolyn, Casandra, Corrinne, Emani, Kimberly, and Saneh.

SO Matt still has approximately 417 ladies left. 24 really. But this is a record amount to start with. Apparently women swarmed ABC with applications when it was announced that Matt would be the Bachelor.

Be sure to watch the credits scenes. This one is hilarious!!! CH drives the pick up truck away and he’s so proud of himself for knowing how to drive a stick!

And that’s it until next week BBs!!! xo🌹

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Bachelorette Finale


We start back with Ben and Tayshia. She tells Ben he can come to the Rose Ceremony tonight. And she kisses him!

Rose Ceremony

Ben arrives, much to the surprise of Ivan and Zac! JUST before handing out the first rose, Tay asks to speak to Ivan. They go sit down and she says they have differing religious beliefs so she breaks up with him and sends him home! I need more information ABC!!! What are these differences?!?

Back to Ben and Zac ( I swear, rules just don’t apply on this show anymore!!!) Tay tells them they will meet her family.

The next day, Tay’s family arrives. Mom, Dad, and 2 brothers. So cute! Ben is up first to meet the fam and before she goes to get him, Tay fills the family in on the fact that Ben had been sent home but came back. He makes a good impression on the family, especially because he went to West Point and served in the military.
Zac meets the family the next day. Dad talks to Zac and likes him a lot. Mom is really soft spoken. Zac knows just what to say to win the family over.

The next morning, Tay’s Dad drops by to lay down some wisdom for her. Then she has her last date with Zac. They learn a wedding first dance from instructors. They do great! That night they hang out at Zac’s suite because by this time the producers are JUST SO TIRED of trying to come up with creative dates at the La Quinta!

The next day is Ben’s last date. Tay goes to his suite and sits him down and tells him her heart is with another man. She sends him home and he’s either really broken hearted or REALLY trying to be the next Bachelor.

Proposal Day

So it’s Zac. UGH. There’s still just something I don’t like about him!!! Tay looks AMAZING in a skin tight silver dress! Zac arrives in a blue suit with (THANK YOU LORD) black shoes! I hate a pair of brown shoes with a blue suit!!! And he’s finally wearing socks!!! Praise be! Maybe he just brought the one pair. They give each other speeches full of love and he proposes and she says yes. They cry, I cry. I wish them nothing but happiness!!!

And that’s it my BBs! Until January 4th when the extremely handsome Matt James premiers as the Bachelor! xo 🌹