Your face will surely show it

I got a new phone today. We arrived at dinner with my family about 20 minutes early. And a cell phone store happened to be right next door. So we went in and were out in time for dinner. I got the Blackberry Curve. I really like it.
Photobucket While we were taking care of business with the lady she stopped and said “I just have to tell y’all something. You are one of the nicest couples I have ever worked with. You can tell how much you love being together. And it obvious how much you love each other, you can see it in your faces. It’s nice to see.” How sweet is that?!? We weren’t making out or anything, just hanging out doing our own thing.  It was nice to hear.

In order to get the good price on the phone I had to sign back up for the extra Blackberry service (internet etc).  I’ll only keep it a few months, but while I’ve got it it sure is fun to twitter from my phone.  And it has a camera.  I’ve never had a cell phone camera!  I feel so connected & high tech!

10 thoughts on “Your face will surely show it

  1. oh, you’re little love bugs! that’s so cute!!

    And how is it possible that you’ve never had a camera phone before? You, the Queen Techie! I’m shocked and amazed!

  2. as much as you love to take pictures I am surprised too! Even I have a camera phone.. (as crappy as it is) Now you can take the picture and email or text it to someone!

    How was dinner? where didja go?

  3. I laughed straight out loud when you said you weren’t making out or anything. Sure, sure. 🙂

    And a little late to the party on your past posts, but non-mom indeed.

    And Happy Belated Mother’s day.

  4. I have the same phone and I love it!
    Why will you only keep it a few months?

    I love being able to access work email every second of the day! Plus having access to my calendar!

    Enjoy…and mine’s the sexy red one too!

    I’ll keep the phone forever, but the bberry service will only run for a little while. It’s just not in the budget. I’ll still keep the regular phone service going though.

  5. Hey- I set up a twitter. How do we hook our twitters up? That sounds dirty. If CSP & Terry are nice we’ll let them watch! ha!

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