Alive & limping

I’m alive!  I can drag my gimp self around.  I have crutches for downstairs & my walker (leftover from my hysterectomy) for upstairs.  My head is super loopy right now and I’m on some good meds.  Apparently the surgery took longer than he thought it would because  I have arthritis in my knee.

I’m getting lots of tlc from CSP & lots of kisses from the puggies.  I’ve been taking lots of pics of Zoe.  I hope to post some later if I can sit in the chair long enough.  My Mom (Gigi) is coming in a little while to take care of me so CSP can sleep.  He has to work 3rd shift tonight.  ugh.

Thank you for all of your well wishes!  Y’all are just the best! xoxo

16 thoughts on “Alive & limping

  1. TOTALLY glad you’re feeling better. I think you need to snuggle up on the couch with puggies and make a Shanny burrito and concentrate on feeling better.

  2. Yeah Shanny! I ‘ve been hopping on over and over hoping to hear from you. Just rest and get better soon so you can enjoy cutie zoe!!! Looking forward to hearing from you agian soon!

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