Dear Tim McGraw and friends,

I made the mistake of listening to a country music station while driving yesterday.  This resulted in full on sobbing while operating a motor vehicle.  But I was inspired by the Country Music Awards last week.  I only saw a few minutes of it, but those were a nice few minutes filled with Josh Turner singing Firecracker.  And those eyes and that voice and that mouth can certainly inspire a girl.  So I flipped my radio station to the local country channel in the hopes of hearing more like Josh.  Instead I wept all the way down I77.  Why oh why are the songs so sad?  Why, Tim, did you have to write a song about a soldier who died, but not before writing poignant letters to his loved ones?  Why did your friend Rodney Atkins (I’m assuming y’all are friends since Southerners are a friendly bunch and you’ve probably met at a music function) have to go and sing a song about praying to be a good father and chicken nuggets?  And can you ask Kenny Chesney about the father/daughter song There Goes My Life?  It KILLS me.  Y’all are rich people.  With (I’m guessing) good lives and few real worries.  Sing some happy songs.  I bet you could afford to buy an iPhone.  And a golf cart.  Plus you have kids.  All those things would make me happy.  Don’t they do the same for you?  Just think about it next time you pick up the ole 6 string.

I can’t drive through my tears.  Hey, that might be a good song verse!



3 thoughts on “Dear Tim McGraw and friends,

  1. mr. turner is HOT! i love his voice. but he will never replace my boyfriend kenny. most of his songs are a bit happier than ‘there goes my life’…he’s a lot like jimmy buffet

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