New duds for Ling Ling

While in Baltimore, Lisa gave me some gifts she’d been saving for Ling Ling. First is this adorable ladybug cd holder complete with tons of Disney and kids’ cds. I’m so excited about this as I have no kids’ music yet. She also gave me this adorable dress in the best colors. I love how all the ladybugs are different colors. And it comes with bloomers which I love. And listen to this- she ordered one, but 2 came. Obviously a sign from the retail gods that yes indeed we will be getting twins. I’ve already picked out the hair bows and shoes they will wear with this outfit. Now, for the cutest thing I’ve ever seen with my own eyes: How cute is this?!? I love how the little ladybugs will go over her little girl boobies. And the bottoms have ruffles all across the back. Thank goodness they don’t make this in adult sizes or we’d be quite the site at the beach. And those would have to be the biggest ladybugs ever. It would look like I was under attack!