Gush Thank you to all of you sweet people. You g…


Thank you to all of you sweet people. You guys really made me feel much better about this impending birthday and the baby situation. I’m usually so gung ho about my birthday, but it’s just different this year. I just hope my loved ones have lots of fun festivities planned to keep my mind off things. The move and the new house helps, plus a quick trip to IKEA we’ll be squeezing in so we can furnish the house. I know Sara’s planning a fun game night- and there’s nothing I love more than a game night (Cranium!) where you end up laughing so hard you go in to silent mode!

Man, I can’t wait for this weekend to get here. We’re going to get the rest of our major packing done, including cleaning out the attic, I’ve got a hair appt in the morning, Nelson’s going to the puppy salon too, I’m getting an estimate on my car’s repairs tomorrow afternoon. Then the fun starts…Jon promised to take me to see Pirates of the Carribean sometime this weekend. So excited!